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The intelligence of beverage packaging (Part 1)

various beverage packaging continue to emerge, bringing new experiences to consumers. From splash proof bottle caps designed for children to all kinds of bottles and cans, it not only brings convenience to people's life, but also paves the way for the development of new drinks

in the past 20 years, the beverage market has experienced a process from singleness to prosperity. Before the 1980s, there were only a few kinds of beverages that consumers could choose. With the introduction of disposable milk bottles, sterile boxes, bottled water, instant tea and fruit juice, not only the range of beverages that could be selected expanded rapidly, but also more convenient and easy to carry. Nowadays, beverages can meet the various needs of people of different ages, such as refreshing, entertainment, watering, celebration, hobbies, health and so on

with the development of the beverage industry, more and more manufacturers began to try to promote intelligent packaging. The continuous introduction of new packaging and new materials has changed people's lives, made beverages more convenient and pleasing to the eye, and promoted the development of new beverages

secret of keeping fresh with nutritional additives

the new freshcan wedge technology is a patented technology jointly developed by ball packaging company (BPE) and Degussa freshtech beverage company in Europe. It can make vitamins and other components quickly spread in the beverage when it is opened. Dr. Ralf J ü Er, deputy director of marketing at Degussa, said, "freshcan technology is a great innovation." "We believe it is the biggest breakthrough in beverage packaging after cans, which has changed our way of thinking about canned beverages."

last October, with the launch of the new defense vitamin mineral beverage production line of brain twist in New York, wedge was applied to the commercial field for the first time. With natural orange and lemon flavor, defense is rich in zinc, pectin, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin E. its unique formula can effectively prevent cold and flu. This product uses freshcan wedge technology to stabilize vitamins and minerals in beverages

according to Dr. Stewart Gibson, an independent researcher in the beverage industry, "scientific research shows that vitamins are extremely unstable in general beverage products, and the longer they are in contact with the liquid, the more likely they are to fail. These sensitive substances begin to degrade and lose their effectiveness even during the production of beverages. In addition, long-term storage and exposure exacerbate their loss."

the package of defense is a traditional 14.5 ounce aluminum can, which contains freshcan wedge, a two-part polypropylene device containing 10ml of solid ingredients (A2, p.26). Wedge is cylindrical with a total capacity of 25ml. Wedge is activated by changes in pressure. J ger explained, "the pressure inside the can will drop suddenly when it is opened. Due to its special design and structure, wedge cannot adapt to this sudden pressure reduction, so its cover will pop up quickly. The ingredients of wedge will be automatically released into the drink and dissolved in it, so that the drink can be drunk."

BPE began to develop wedge in the late 1990s. At that time, wedge was a device fixed at the bottom of cans. After further development, based on the prototype provided by RPC Bramlage, wedge has developed into a floating sealing component, which will move away when opening the drink and starting to drink. At the same time, Degussa (then skw trostberg) began to develop the ingredients in wedge in 2000, which is an important step in establishing important health testing procedures for local communities. In addition, Degussa, together with its partners, has designed an automatic filling system to put nutrients into wedge, and then put wedge into beverage cans. In 2001, ball licensed wedge technology to Degussa as long as the word "possible" was added before "revolutionary"

so far, defense has received positive responses from consumers and retailers. Larry trachtenbroit, President and CEO of brain twist, said that defense paved the way for the company to create a "brand-new impact testing machine for functional beverage products, and the impacted samples were impacted at the moment of impact by the hammer". The product has been sold in 7-Eleven supermarkets and across the country, and also in self selected shopping malls in the northeast. The recommended retail price is $2.49

degussa also plans to apply this technology to other fields, such as milk or sports energy drinks, to increase vitamins, prebiotics or trace elements

anti overflow bottle cap makes it easier to take care of children

the new waddjuice pure natural juice adopts a patented anti overflow drink bottle cap, which removes the heat seal, making it easier for children to grasp. Its unique design can increase children's interest in fruit juice, but also avoid a lot of trouble for parents. It is a healthy and convenient fruit juice drink

waddjuice, launched in October last year, has apple, orange, strawberry, grape and other flavors. The 8-ounce polyester bottle is provided by Zuckerman honickman company and produced by ball company. Its bottle cap is this patented bottle cap. According to Kerner, the two packages launched in August 2003 and April 2004 are "spill proof", and after a series of improvements, the products now launched have better performance, but the company's commitment to the Chinese market is unchanged to achieve truly spill free

the patented triangular shaped cover is equipped with a silicon valve, which can make the cover fit the bottle tightly and control the flow of liquid. There is also a sealing device on the mouth to prevent the entry of air, so there is no need for heat sealing. At the same time, there is a removable top cover to ensure that the bottle cap is kept clean before use

The key part of the bottle cap is the silicon valve, which is provided by forest city technologies. The valve can prevent the flow of juice unless the juice is sucked or squeezed. There is a small opening in the valve, which allows the juice to pass through when it is under the action of air pressure. Kerner said, "silicon is a unique material that has memory and can be restored to its original shape." This kind of bottle cap with valve is made by Euro molds company in Mississauga

Kerner added that no heat seal on the bottle cap can make it easy for children to open the drink. "It allows children to easily open the seal (on the bottle cap) without the help of their parents, while maintaining a vacuum, ensuring the shelf life of the drink."

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