On the integrated application of PDM and proe

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On the integrated application of PDM and pro/e

the arrival of the information age is rapidly changing people's learning, scientific research, business and lifestyle. The development of computer technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. In the process of realizing informatization, our company (Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.) has established a computer information management center to comprehensively promote computer management from product design

I. problems faced by enterprises

with the deepening of the application of computer-aided design in enterprises and the implementation of enterprise information software such as Kaimu CAPP software, enterprises urgently need a perfect integration platform. To manage more product information resources, material information resources, process information, etc., so as to facilitate the in-depth integration of enterprise product data. The implementation of qingruyingtai PDM (Product Data Management) system solves the above problems of enterprises: for example, it solves the accurate query of enterprise documents, the accurate output of product configuration and summary reports, the approval process control of enterprise product information, etc

tipdm (qingruo Yingtai PDM) plays a decisive role in the process of enterprise informatization. It can establish the information sharing bridge or link of design, process and production departments, and realize the consistency and integrity maintenance of data. PDM system can manage the information related to products in a unified way, and manage the information in an orderly manner according to different uses

second, information integration

with the application and implementation of the company's two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD software, the type and quantity of electronic product related data will increase exponentially; Product data includes not only design data, but also process, quality, production and other data related to products. It is impossible to integrate and manage these data in a certain relationship, and support convenient information sharing, so that people can quickly query and transfer the latest and unified product data, and such work will be completely dependent on manual work

therefore, it is an important work for the company to realize the integration of information and establish a unified data source. Intime PDM can support the integrated management and sharing of heterogeneous product information, ensure the security and consistency of product related data, and users can efficiently query and transfer product information. How to ensure the consistency of product data to production data and avoid data errors and data redundancy has become an important requirement of enterprises

III. integration of PDM and pro/e

with the development and improvement of enterprise informatization, the two-dimensional drawings designed have been far from meeting the requirements of enterprises. Our enterprise has begun to use pro/e three-dimensional software for design. Pro/e itself has good scalability. By expanding the management operations such as drawing check-in and check-out in the front end of pro/e, we can realize the integrated application of large systems with the disadvantage of PDM, Establish a unified data source to ensure the integrity and consistency of data

the function realized by the integration of PDM and pro/e

in the integration of PDM and pro/e system, the storage, maintenance and transmission of product data is a very important link, which requires the product data management system to store product and design information in a safe electronic text form and ensure the security of information access

to establish the three-dimensional model of parts and realize the new functions of the system, information integration must be realized, which involves the data exchange between different systems and different functional modules. Through the integration of PDM and pro/e, the user's pro/e 3D modeling and the design information of related parts are transferred to the unified database of PDM system for management, so as to realize the information exchange between users and the system

the specific functions realized by our company include many aspects. In the integrated system, under the authority control, the part information, three-dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings of self-made parts, standard parts (assemblies, parts with family tables) and so on are effectively managed; The contents of management include: information extraction (inherent information,), dictionary correspondence, * PRT and * asm、*. DRW and other formats of document management, assembly information and assembly structure management. Because our company has established a standard part library suitable for its own enterprise application, with the integration of PDM and pro/e, the standard part library has realized its real significance. The system administrator inputs the standard part library information into the PDM system, and designers can easily call the standard part model in PDM when doing the three-dimensional modeling of product development, which saves the product design time and greatly shortens the product design cycle, And there will be no errors in the assembly

modules used in pro/e

modules used in pro/e of our company include: parts, components, manufacturing information (molds, NC components), drawings, analysis (structure, motion) reports. Among them, parts (*.prt) and components (*.asm) are 3D models, and drawings (*.drw) are 2D component drawings. The final data are: 3D models of parts, assemblies, standard parts and other parts, and 2D part drawings

implementation results of the integration scheme

(1) permission control:

design permission control, which controls the submitter's functions of creating, updating and browsing annotation information, as well as part structure update (whether to prompt the customer to delete the content and corresponding relationship on the current PDM desktop when deleting parts in the three-dimensional environment, so as to achieve the real-time unification of design submission information and PDM client information)

the authority control of the system administrator includes not only the authority of the designer, but also the submission of standard parts and the classification and maintenance of standard parts. The standard parts are submitted and maintained by the administrator if the leather ring in the system oil cylinder is withered. If the designer needs to use standard parts in the three-dimensional modeling process, just click "standard parts query" and select the type of standard parts

(2) product design:

support the timely storage of designed parts (or 3D entities and engineering drawings); It supports the continuation of the design process, that is, when the part data is submitted to the personal desktop, it provides the ability to query the part information of the current user's personal desktop and directly use the function menu (or button) to query the part

provide virtual assembly of standard parts in PDM and submit it in time; Provide pre assembly function of existing parts in PDM and submit them in time; Provide the function of convenient browsing of two-dimensional engineering drawings in PDM system; Provide the function of drawing (or distribution) in PDM system

(3) the management of 3D model of self-made parts realizes the following functions:

① accurate extraction of inherent information and parameter information of parts, which does not include the content of family table

② automatic correspondence between part field information and part information in the system

③ warehousing of part information

④ warehousing of relevant 3D models and 2D drawings of parts

⑤ Association of parts with 3D models and 2D drawings

(4) standard parts:

the integration of standard parts such as gaskets. There is only one gasket file and multiple information parameters (this part of information has been imported through Excel, so the document needs to be updated and structured). For bearing and other standard parts (PDM internal browsing does not need to disassemble and browse the ball and other sub parts. When pro/e front-end integration, PDM needs to encode the whole bearing, including all sub parts, while the customer requires that the bearing can be warehoused without disassembling, which is not available in the current integration part)

(5) the fallback information and documents in PDM need to be updated at any time according to the pro/e model

(6) realize the relevant downloading of 3D and 2D documents

the significance of integrating PDM and pro/e in our company

in product design, our enterprise uses a variety of CAD systems due to work needs, such as mds2000 of qingruo Yingtai for two-dimensional engineering design and pro/e for three-dimensional modeling. Therefore, product design information often needs a variety of CAD systems to describe. The comprehensive promotion of integration technology solves the data exchange between different CAD systems

in the past, all technical drawings and data were managed by the reference room. The information between the design department and the enterprise planning management department is that the drawings and technology in paper medium are used as an important component of bio based high molecular materials. 1. The instructions and change orders are transmitted manually. Since the adoption of CAD technology, most of the data are stored in the computer, and the original data borrowing system is no longer suitable for the development of the company. How to solve the problem of information transmission and data sharing is also a problem that needs to be solved. The implementation of tipdm has solved the above problems and raised the management level of our company to a new level, which is more suitable for the rapid development of science and technology

Conclusion as an integrated platform, PDM system is a bridge for enterprise information transmission. The integration of PDM and pro/e system is of great significance for simplifying human-computer interaction. The complete promotion and implementation of tipdm (soft intime PDM, which is not easy to encounter difficulties in general) in our company has great practical value for our company's document management, product structure, workflow, part classification, project management, etc., and meets the needs of enterprise development. (end)

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