On the integration of digital publishing and tradi

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On the integration of digital publishing and traditional publishing

the digital publishing industry is growing at a rate of about 50% per year

the topic of cross-strait cooperation to expand the international market is heating up at this forum. It is understood that over the years, the mainland publishing industry has achieved fruitful results in going global. Publications have entered more than 190 countries and regions in the world. The number of publications exported at the end of the eleventh five year plan has increased by nearly 30% compared with the end of the tenth five year plan. The export of digital publishing products has a strong momentum. In 2010, the export of printing and processing services reached 66.165 billion yuan. Since 2005, it has held and organized book fairs and Book Markets in more than 40 countries and regions every year, Publishing enterprises have invested or set up 459 branches abroad, effectively promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the publishing industry

it can be seen that in addition to traditional publishing, data publishing is also a major focus in the "going out" strategy. As far as Fujian Province is concerned, in terms of digital products, a number of independently researched and developed animation, websites, games and software have gradually entered the international market. As of March, 2012, Xiamen Bluebird Animation Co., Ltd. has exported about 8000 minutes of programs overseas, covering more than 80 countries in four regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North America. The digital publishing center of Strait publishing and distribution group has developed installed 360 products that provide services for apple and computer users, which can be downloaded by users in dozens of countries and regions. It is understood that since 2004, the General Administration of publication of the people's Republic of China has approved the establishment of the first 50 Internet publishing institutions, marking that digital publishing has officially become a new publishing industry in China, and digital publishing is penetrating all aspects of society at an unprecedented speed. According to statistics, in recent years, China's digital publishing industry has grown at a rate of about 50% per year. In 2010, the total revenue of the digital publishing industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan. In 2009, the total value of China's digital publishing industry reached 79.5 billion yuan, surpassing the GDP of traditional books, newspapers and publications for the first time

content is king, and one paper win-win urgently needs to improve the added value of products.

traditional retail terminals such as physical bookstores are impacted and squeezed by bookstores and intelligent terminals, as well as e-book skids. For details, please call relevant staff to answer the impact of the dynamic publishing industry pattern for you. Traditional publishing is facing the impact of an unprecedented digital wave, but this pattern cannot be avoided

youth editors on both sides of the Taiwan Strait (4) at the tea gathering to evaluate the environmental feasibility of the project construction, there was a fierce exchange of views, but there is a consensus that digital publishing in the new media era has become a development trend. As for how to integrate the relationship between traditional publishing and digital publishing, it has become the focus of discussion. Some representatives believe that in the era of content is king, the content resources of traditional media are the basis of digital publishing. Although the carrier of communication is only the advertisement to contact readers, if it is properly applied, it will achieve the purpose of "one paper wins more", and use e-books, online reading and other new media to improve product types and expand profit space; Some representatives suggested that digital reading habits cannot be reversed, but traditional publishing cannot be simply transformed into digital publishing. Efforts should be made to improve the added value

with the transformation of readers' reading habits and consumption habits, content carrier terminals are more abundant, which is the inevitable trend of the development of the times, because digital publishing is not only a useful supplement to traditional publishing, but also an innovation of publishing methods

therefore, some representatives at the tea party proposed that the transformation of publishing mode is the general trend, and suggested that an industrial alliance including traditional publishing and digital publishing should be established, market segmentation should be carried out, and targeted focus media should be created

the integration of digital publishing and traditional publishing

according to the survey results previously released by the PA Association, due to the continuous increase in the demand for digital goods such as Kindle and iPad, the global e-book sales in 2011 increased by 366% over previous years. At present, the global digital publishing industry has an annual growth rate of more than 33%. The tide of digitalization is unstoppable, and most of the participants believed that although traditional publishing faces challenges, it is more an opportunity. For example, Mr. Hao Guangcai, publisher of green publishing in Taiwan, has innovated children's reading in combination with the characteristics of digital reading. On the basis of traditional publishing, his children's e-reader has become a popular product in the market

in recent years, with the rise of e-book readers, smartphones and tablet computers, e-books, as a new way of reading, have impacted people's reading habits. According to the results of the ninth national reading survey released by the China Publishing Research Institute, in 2011, the contact rate of digital reading methods (online reading, reading, e-reader reading, CD reading, PDA/MP4/MP5 reading, etc.) among Chinese people aged one year old increased to 38.6%, 5.8 percentage points higher than that of 201, which should not damage the wire surface during straightening. Meeting market demand is the only way

at the youth tea party across the Taiwan Strait, a representative pointed out that while the rapid development of digital reading, it also exposed many weaknesses in content, such as limited e-book resources, incomplete content, disordered layout, and the inability to accurately locate the needs of readers. These are the advantages of traditional publishing. Therefore, digital publishing and traditional publishing can be effectively integrated and complementary. On the one hand, they can meet the user choices of different needs, On the one hand, it is conducive to improving the profit margin of products

I believe that with the frequent exchanges, digital publishing will become another hot spot of cross-strait cooperation

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