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Hunan fangzhengda Electronics Co., Ltd. and Hunan University have established a learning and research base to jointly promote the development of LED circuit printing industry

recently, Hunan fangzhengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan University jointly initiated the establishment of a learning and research base at fangzhengda headquarters. The establishment of the industry university research base marks the formal establishment of cooperation between founder and university scientific research institutions. This milestone cooperation will inject strong scientific and technological impetus into founder. Both sides will work together to promote the innovative development of LED printed circuit industry

the inauguration ceremony was held in the fangzhengda comprehensive conference room. Dean Zhang Xiaobing, Dean Chen Yihong, Professor Deng Jianru, Professor Liu Yali, senior engineer Wang Binfeng from the school of chemical engineering of Hunan University and all PE and PP members of the board of directors of fangzhengda attended the inauguration ceremony. Fang Zhengda's director, Fang Xiaoqiu, announced the launch of industry university research cooperation with Hunan University, the establishment of "industry university research cooperation base of Hunan University of Fang Zhengda" and "Advanced Materials Research Institute of Hunan University of Fang Zhengda", the introduction of excellent scientific research teams and scientific research achievements of Hunan University, and the combination of the tensile or compression experiments of samples carried out by Fang Zhengda Company. There are industrialization platforms in flexible copper clad laminates, aluminum based copper clad laminates Electronic ink and other aspects of in-depth research and the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements

the establishment of Fangzheng Da production, learning and research base will work with the Academy of Sciences of Hunan University to overcome common key technical problems in LED product development, further emancipate the mind, expand thinking, and promote the development of "university enterprise cooperation and combination of production, learning and research" to a higher level, Strive to build the base into a high-level Hunan Le, which can accurately obtain the data of the tested object D Electronic Technology Engineering Center and Hunan Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration platform. The establishment of fangzhengda production, learning and research base will realize the scientific and technological innovation in the printing field of fangzhengda road. Together with scientific research universities, we will build an excellent nano friction and wear experimental machine show industry university research development platform, and strive to become the most representative model of innovative development in the field of circuit printing

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