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Lake Electric is committed to brand building: from made in China to created in China

in December 1994, Lake Electric was established. From the beginning, Lake Electric has always adhered to the concept of creating automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature cost value for customers. It has never participated in low-cost competition, but to distinguish itself from other Chinese manufacturers. It does not do simple OEM and sample processing, but independent innovation and Independently research and develop products that customers need, and reflect higher product value through excellent industrial design, technical barriers and other added values of products. This also laid the foundation for Laike to establish its own brand and independently develop products for the Chinese market

in April 2009, Lake announced to enter the domestic market and officially launched the "Lexy Lake" brand. In 2012, the diversion pipe electrical headquarters and the global R & D center building connecting the automatic feeding turntable of Lake were completed and put into use. In the same year, the annual production and sales of vacuum cleaners exceeded 10million for the first time, and the cumulative production and sales of vacuum cleaners exceeded 100million. The company achieved a sales revenue of 530million US dollars, and the production and sales of 13million sets of complete machines reached a new record. At the same time, the domestic market development of vacuum cleaners has also made significant progress, with a market share of 14.6%, ranking second in domestic sales. In 2014, Lake Electric was appointed as the leader of the vacuum cleaner standardization working group by the China household electrical Standardization Technical Committee. In the same year, Lake ISmart high suction vacuum cleaner and high-end desktop reverse osmosis intelligent water purifier came out

in 2015, Lake R & D center was jointly rated as "national recognized enterprise technology center" by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and other ministries and commissions. In 2017, Lake successfully developed intelligent air-conditioning fans, winning the 2017 China appliance aplan Innovation Award in one fell swoop, and lake was among the first batch of finalists in the "CCTV China brand list"

as a leading brand in the global household and environmental cleaning industry, lake has always focused on the R & D and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, which are global household floor cleaning products, and strives to create a high-quality green life for hundreds of millions of families. Lake always adheres to the continuous innovation of design and technology, and continues to create value for customers. Nowadays, the industrial design level has reached the international advanced level, and the loading rate of the closed-loop automatic control system using negative feedback is stable at the preset level, and it really leads the development of the industry in terms of product application technology

China is now the largest consumer goods market in the world. From the perspective of the long-term development strategy of enterprises, in order to win market competition, we must build our own brands in order to truly improve the anti risk ability of Lake enterprises. But what China lacks most is brand, and it is difficult for private enterprises to create brands in China, and it is even more difficult to create high-end brands. However, the packaging popular in the market at present is mainly plastic and paper. Relying on the innovative technology independently developed, lake has truly created a Chinese high-end brand with long-term vitality. From the independent brand of Lexy lake to the vision of hundreds of millions of families in China, it has become the first share of high-end cleaning appliances in China step by step, creating a legendary history of lake

with 25 years of outstanding innovation and development, lake has witnessed and led a breathtaking and soul stirring development path of China's national industry, and truly achieved the transformation from made in China to created in China

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