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Lake Electric: it has worked hard for 25 years, and its excellent quality has always remained unchanged.

since the founding of new China 70 years ago, the strength of Chinese enterprises has gradually increased, and the pace of internationalization of enterprises is also accelerating. After the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, Chinese enterprises have followed the trend of the world economy and pushed their internationalization level to a new height

as a "powerful general" among domestic brands, Lake Electric was founded in 1994. Its vacuum cleaners have an annual production and sales of 10million units, with a cumulative global sales of 140million units, ranking first in the world for 14 consecutive years and first in the country for 22 consecutive years. We know how difficult it is. In these 25 years, lake has brought the charm of domestic products to the extreme

after establishing its own brand in 2009, Lake Electric continued to make progress and was listed on the domestic A-share motherboard in 2015, which is extremely memorable for Lake Electric. The rapid development of the times is inseparable from innovative technology, and lake is encouraged by innovation and continues to carry out high-quality innovation. Lake Electric has set up a postdoctoral workstation and a national CNAs laboratory. Guangya aluminum, which is applied for every year, will focus on building a one-stop aluminum utilization solution from the whole chain of order, design, production, storage, logistics and service. Patents show an increasing trend, and a number of scientific research achievements have won the science and technology progress award issued by the industry

Lake Electric started as an export. At that time, most enterprises relied on low prices to enter the market, but lake embarked on 2.4. The software can realize user-defined speed setting, which is an unusual path. It puts forward the business philosophy of creating value for customers, and uses domestic costs to produce products close to international brands. With the advantage of cost and the guarantee of quality and technology, the export of brand can go a long way. What Lake Electric insists on is the value orientation of products, not the cost orientation

nizugen, chairman of Lake Electric, said that since we want to do independent research and development, we must have market awareness and customer awareness. We should be able to study the needs of users from the consumer side, develop products and label customers. It is the strength of Lake Electric to integrate customer awareness and product innovation awareness into the process of product development. Only by competing in brand differentiation and opening up the market with disruptive innovation and technological innovation, can Lake become a leading brand in the industry in just a few years

with vacuum cleaners, Lake Electric has also launched medium and high-end products in different fields, such as biyunquan water purifier, Lake F6 water ion turbofan blower, etc. Today, lake's products have entered hundreds of millions of families around the world, bringing high-end and clean life experience Ricola to users of different skin colors and nationalities. Since then, lake will implement the principle of innovation driven development, adhere to the positioning of high-end brands, constantly improve the user experience, create more intelligent and multifunctional household appliances, and "pay for" the comfortable life of users

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