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In depth analysis: behind the lack of brand in the plastic bottle industry,

brand, as the core competitiveness of products of contemporary enterprises, is the ultimate goal pursued by every enterprise. However, as a domestic plastic bottle industry, it seems a little embarrassed. According to the market monitoring of Chinese packaging bottles, the plastic bottle industry has few brands that people can call, and even professional buyers are less able to produce a brand related to plastic bottles. Perhaps, you will think that a low value-added industry like plastic bottles does not need brands at all. You are wrong. As small as a straw, there is also a well-known brand "double child straw" in the straw industry, and then there is a very well-known "lile bag" in the carton market closely related to the plastic bottle industry. Why is the plastic bottle market alone lacking brands

first, plastic bottle enterprises lack brand awareness, and their vision is not long-term. They often focus on obtaining short-term orders. To obtain the gap through the order volume, we should avoid scratching the profits of the enterprise, rather than through long-term planning, through making efforts in quality, after-sales service, product publicity, and using brand effect to meet sensory requirements, including the color, smell, appearance, etc. of samples to obtain rich market profits

second, there is a lack of effective protection for patented technology to improve the production efficiency. Some plastic bottle factories have leading advantages in the design and processing capacity of plastic bottles in the industry. Due to the lack of brand meaning, they also ignore the protection of product patents, resulting in mutual imitation of the whole industry and serious product homogenization. "Plastic bottles" can be done by almost anyone, which also loses the unique connotation of the brand

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