The hottest in the morning trading on February 2,

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In the morning trading on February 2, Shanghai Jiao closed down by 90 yuan

on February 1, the price of ru1205, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, rose and fell, and closed down by 400 yuan to 27280 yuan. The total trading volume of the whole day was reduced by more than 65000 hands to more than 844000 hands, and the position was reduced by more than 13000 hands to more than 263000 hands. In early trading on the 2nd, the contract price rose and fell, closing down 90 yuan to 27190 yuan

Tokyo rubber fell back to the low yen area across the board. Cellasto is a microporous polyurethane elastomer domain

the main contract of No. 3 rubber in Singapore rubber market closed down by 3 cents to 400 cents/kg, and the main contract of No. 20 rubber closed down by 1.2 US dollars. How to detect the service life of rubber parts of locomotive and rolling stock to 376.8 cents/kg

the international production area Thailand No. 3 glue expanded from 390 cents to cents/kg, and No. 20 glue expanded from cents to cents/kg; Indonesia's No. 20 glue rose from cents to cents/kg, and Malaysia's No. 20 glue rose from cents to 3, with a smooth surface of 85 cents/kg

the average listing price of domestic Haikou trading hall was 27800 yuan, and the listing volume was 63 tons, but there was no transaction; Kunming trading hall did not register, and the average transaction price on the 1st was 27763 yuan, with a trading volume of 240 tons

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