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The United States reduces the use of plastic wrap to package things

in supermarkets, meat food packaged with plastic wrap for sale can be seen everywhere, but is such packaging safe? Investigations have shown that some PVC plastic packaging products contain a plasticizer called DEHA for short, which can increase the adhesion of fresh-keeping film, but it will penetrate into food, especially high-fat food

the American Consumer Federation recently tested the packaged cheese and found that 7 of the 19 products contained high de density of 250 ~ 300kg/m3ha, with 51-270 DEHA units per million units, with an average of 153 units, exceeding the safety range. As a result, some American consumers have begun to reduce the use of plastic wrap for food packaging

today, when plastic cling film is still widely used, consumers can take the way of self-protection: as soon as they go home, take the meat and so on. Next, I will introduce the food from the plastic packaging of cling film, put it in other containers, and also cut off the surface of the meat and discard it. If it is equivalent to endangering public safety in a dangerous way, wrap meat in paper or self-contained paper. The food is packed in a ceramic bowl. If it is covered with plastic products, don't touch the food. In addition, when cooking or heating in a microwave oven, never let food touch the plastic film

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