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In vitro diagnosis has entered the fast lane, and North China industrial control computer hardware has assisted in the intelligent upgrading of clinical testing equipment

as the largest sub industry in the field of medical devices in the world, in vitro diagnosis has entered the fast lane thanks to the continuous improvement of domestic medical consumption level and scientific and technological level, as well as the strong support of national industrial policies. In this context, the clinical testing equipment market also ushered in a demand explosion

intelligent upgrade of clinical testing equipment

clinical testing mainly uses physical, biological and other test methods, with the help of advanced testing instruments to conduct qualitative or quantitative analysis of various samples (blood, tissue samples, etc.), and emphasizes that strict quality management measures should be taken in the whole process of testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. In recent years, with the rapid development of basic science and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the accuracy and accuracy of medical detection methods, new analytical detection methods and instruments continue to emerge, which promotes the rapid development of clinical detection equipment in the direction of automation and intelligence

North China industrial control learned that at present, the widely used clinical testing equipment in China include biochemical analyzer, urinary sediment analyzer and blood cell analysis detector, which basically realize the automation and intelligent analysis of all or part of the steps. Take the full-automatic biochemical analyzer as an example. The equipment integrates the light path reaction system, liquid level detection system and automatic flushing system with leading technology, and relies on the intelligent and sensitive computer main control system to control the effective operation of each subsystem at any time. What does the main control system mean by the hardness and rigidity of metal? Power on self-test function, data processing and storage function, visual platform operation function, etc., can ensure the real-time, stability and efficiency of the system operation, and facilitate the operator to understand the operation status of the instrument at any time

North China industrial control believes that the development of automation and intelligence of clinical testing equipment has become a trend. In this process, in order to ensure scientific and accurate inspection results and appropriate inspection speed, embedded computers with higher quality and performance must provide key hardware support for its main control system

North China industrial control clinical testing equipment embedded computer

North China industrial control is a leading provider of embedded computer products in China. The second difficulty that needs to be overcome has always been to strive to serve the intelligent society with the power of industrial control. Facing the in vitro diagnosis industry, we have independently developed a variety of computer hardware, which can be used in the main control system of clinical testing equipment such as automatic biochemical Jinan experimental machine factory, which specializes in the production of various pressure testing machines, spring testing machines and other analyzers

som-6503 is the core board of arm architecture built by North China Industrial Control Based on Freescale A9 6 processor. Product onboard ddriii 800MHz memory, inand flash; Through 314pin mxm3.0 golden finger expansion function IO interface, it conforms to smarc1.1 specification; It can be flexibly matched with various functional module backplanes to meet the application needs of customers in many industries

emb-3942 is a SoC 3.5-inch motherboard built by North China Industrial Control Based on Intel Bay trail platform. The product supports Intel Celeron processor J1900 and other processors, on-board ddr3l memory, fast algorithm and high-speed storage; Provide the 7th generation graphics processing engine, hardware video acceleration, 4K Ultra HD display performance, and a wide range of media codec libraries; Rich interfaces, support HDMI, VGA, LVDS display interfaces, support Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g networks, onboard sound cards, support PCIe cards, graphics cards, acquisition cards and other extensions; With high industrial reliability, low power consumption and high stability, it can provide professional, reliable, safe and efficient computer hardware support for the field of medium and high-end medical devices

bis-6680h is the third generation ice wing structure embedded quasi system built by North China Industrial Control Based on Intel H110 chipset. The product supports the 6th/7th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors, with on-board DDR4 memory particles +ddr4 DIMM sockets, and the memory capacity is significantly increased; Multi serial port design, support vga+ dvi/hdmi+ DP multiple displays; Multi port design, supporting Gigabit Ethernet/wifi/3g/4g network and network wake-up function; It has strong expansion ability, supports various extensions such as PCIe card and graphics card, and adopts open android/linux intelligent operating system; It adopts the new ice wing shape structure of North China industrial control, fan free design, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection

in addition, North China industrial control can also provide the production customization of industrial tablets required by various clinical testing equipment, including adding customer hardware equipment, adding interfaces, customizing various appearance structures and screen sizes, etc., providing assistance for the intelligent upgrading of clinical testing equipment that mentioned many of his opinions

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