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In depth analysis of the future development trend of electricity sales reform

due to the arrival of the era of electric energy, electricity sales have developed rapidly, but in most countries, electricity customers still purchase electricity from these local monopoly institutions. The new power reform is expected to open a trillion level market, and the liberalization of the power sales side may become the biggest dividend of this round of reform. So what is the development trend of the power sales industry

the power industry is the most important basic energy industry in the development of the national economy, the first basic industry of the national economy, the basic industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and the priority development focus in the economic development strategies of all countries in the world. According to the historical development law of China's power industry, which recently announced to the world that China will be under its leadership in the past years, combined with the growth rate of economic development and the pull of downstream demand on power production, it is expected that the market size growth rate of China's power industry will be about 3% in the future, which has been gradually eliminated by the market, and the market size of the industry will exceed 7 trillion kwh by 2021

the investment subjects of power selling companies can be roughly divided into three categories, namely, power companies, power generation companies and other types of companies. As of November 2017, 15 power selling companies have been registered in East China power companies, 16 power selling companies have been registered in power generation groups, and 1285 power selling companies have been registered by other types of companies or individuals. Among them, the power company has no registered power sales company in Zhejiang Province, the power generation group has no registered power sales company in Shanghai, and other provinces in East China have registered. Among them, there are 62 in Shanghai, 508 in Jiangsu, 192 in Zhejiang, 354 in Anhui and 200 in Fujian

through the analysis of the development trend of the power sales industry, with the gradual transformation of the national economy from industry to the tertiary industry, the continuous elimination of backward production capacity, and the gradual return of the overall GDP to single digit growth, the growth rate of power consumption in the whole society has slowed down rapidly. In addition, the country has clearly proposed to restrict the new thermal power plants after 2020, most of the source supply has become increasingly saturated, and the resulting transmission line framework has been gradually improved. It can be clearly foreseen in the future that the focus of China's power construction investment will gradually shift from the previous trunk to the intelligent, power distribution side, power sales side and power consumption side

in addition to the increasing scale of distribution investment year by year, national power and southern power are also starting to upgrade the traditional distribution, especially in agricultural transformation, which will be the focus of the "13th five year plan" construction and transformation. In the new round of rural power transformation and upgrading projects announced in 2016, Nanfang power plans to invest 130billion yuan in the comprehensive information management network directly connected to enterprises (laboratories) during the 13th Five Year Plan period for the detailed analysis, manufacturing and upgrading of relaxation testing machines for agricultural reform. The national power plan plans to invest 522.2 billion yuan in total, and achieve the full coverage of stable and reliable power supply services in rural areas within the company's business area by 2020. The total investment for the "two" projects will reach 652.2 billion yuan

through the analysis of the development trend of the power sales industry, the total electricity consumption of China in 2015 was about 5.55 trillion kwh. According to the disclosure of the electricity price supervision report, the current national average sales price of China's power sales market is about 0.492 yuan/kWh, so the capacity of China's power sales market in 2015 is about 2.73 trillion yuan. With the opening of the electricity sales market, the future electricity price decline is expected, and the decline of electricity price is expected to promote the increase of social electricity consumption, so as to improve the current phenomenon of excess power capacity, killing many birds with one stone

at present, the state has issued a series of policies to encourage, support and cultivate various regions to carry out trans regional and trans provincial power transactions, and the total amount of trans regional and trans provincial power transactions has also increased rapidly. State Grid Corporation of China proposed to build a unified trans regional and trans provincial trading mechanism to promote trans regional and trans provincial power trading. All regions, in combination with their own realities, actively explore the market-oriented implementation of cross regional and cross provincial electricity trading, and use the regional trading platform to carry out various cross regional and cross provincial transactions

from the perspective of the competition pattern of power selling companies, the future power selling market will be a diversified market pattern, including both independent power selling companies transformed from power enterprises and new entrants after the release of licenses. Differentiated service and competitive strategies will appear, including power selling companies that focus on serving major industrial customers; There will also be power selling enterprises that focus on the innovation of development mode and serve residents and commercial customers. The above is all the analysis of the development trend of the power sales industry

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