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Overall optimization of configuration makes refining ethylene mutually beneficial

Tianjin Petrochemical gives full play to the advantages of refining and chemical integration and strives to improve the efficiency creation capacity of unit optimization. Million tons of ethylene and ten million tons of oil refining units have reached the industry advanced level, and the cumulative efficiency increase in 2013 exceeded 300million yuan

at the beginning of the new year, Tianjin Petrochemical conscientiously implemented the spirit of the group's annual work meeting, advanced benchmarking, optimized research, carefully adjusted the optimized mutual supply between large ethylene and large oil refining, and further improved the production and operation level. In January, the crude oil processing capacity was 1.03 million tons, realizing good economic benefits; Large ethylene produces 94000 tons of ethylene every month, with a production load of 101.4% and a sales revenue of 2.27 billion yuan

in 2013, facing the difficult situation of the continuous downturn of the chemical market and the obvious shortage of chemical light oil production capacity of oil refining units, Tianjin Petrochemical insisted on overall planning and coordination, and paid close attention to the implementation of various optimization and efficiency measures. In 2013, the cumulative efficiency increase exceeded 300million yuan. In particular, it has achieved remarkable results in strengthening the mutual benefit between large ethylene and large oil refining

Tianjin million ton ethylene and supporting projects mainly include 1million ton ethylene, 10million ton oil refining, thermal power projects and projects outside the area. 8 sets of main production units including million tons of ethylene are under the management of Sinopec. Sinopec entrusted Tianjin Petrochemical to exercise shareholder rights over Sinopec

"although Tianjin Petrochemical and SINOPEC are two independent companies, Tianjin Petrochemical and SINOPEC are inseparable from each other in terms of the connection of production chain and the need to optimize and create efficiency." Zhujianmin, general manager of Tianjin Petrochemical and President of Sinopec, said

find the most suitable "ration" for large ethylene.

"on average, we supply 6000 tons of large ethylene through pipeline every day." Jiangchun, deputy director of the production department of the refining Department of Tianjin Petrochemical, said that according to the design, ten million tons of refining is a supporting project for one million tons of ethylene, which provides "rations" - cracking materials for large ethylene. In 2013, the ten million ton oil refining unit supplied 3.51 million tons of cracking materials for large ethylene

at first, 440000 tons of aviation kerosene from a 10 million ton oil refining unit was used as raw material for large ethylene production, with poor cracking performance and low ethylene yield. Moreover, aviation kerosene is a high value-added product, and the reduction of production directly affects the economic benefits of large-scale oil refining. If you don't give it, you won't have enough; It's hard for big refineries to survive. Considering and innovating ideas comprehensively, Tianjin Petrochemical selects the crude oil suitable for the production of large ethylene cracking materials while taking into account the needs of aromatics and product oil in crude oil procurement. Through maintenance and reuse, an old atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit can be put into operation again to process condensate with high naphtha yield separately

"in 2013, we processed 9 kinds of condensate, with a processing capacity of 870000 tons and an increase of 300000 tons of naphtha." Li Peng, deputy director of the production department of the Ministry of oil refining, said that this not only better meets the demand of large ethylene for cracking raw materials, but also allows large oil refining to reconcile some oil components. The annual aviation coal output alone exceeded 1.3 million tons

optimize the configuration to achieve a win-win situation

the tail oil produced by the ten million ton oil refining hydrocracking unit is a kind of high-quality cracking material. Through comparison, they found out the best raw material input proportion of large ethylene, optimized the configuration of tail oil of large oil refining hydrocracking unit, and provided more large ethylene. While supplementing the supply of large ethylene cracking materials, the production and operation of large ethylene were also optimized, and two tail oil cracking furnaces were turned from one in operation to two in full operation

based on the principle of maximizing the potential and benefits, they strive to explore optimization measures to ensure the mutual benefit of large ethylene and large oil refining

in 2013, the large oil refinery sent the surplus low-pressure steam to the large ethylene plant through pipes for the heat tracing of plant materials and the driving of steam turbine. A total of 99000 tons of steam were transported, saving 15million yuan

at the same time, large ethylene "feeds" large oil refineries with utility resources, improving the competitiveness of large oil refineries. They sent 40000 tons of methane gas with annual capacity to Tianjin Petrochemical, which effectively reduced energy consumption. The chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) pipeline system for cold and hot water saving gb/t18993.1 ~ 3 ⑵ 003 approximately reduced the gas cost. In addition, large ethylene will also lead the surplus desalinated seawater to large oil refineries to replace fresh water, which can reduce the water resource cost of Tianjin Petrochemical by more than 6million yuan per year

pursue the maximization of overall benefits

in 2013, Dacheng cooperated with well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad to produce a new product hd5502xa, which became a special material for the ventilation duct of general motors to manufacture img molds that can withstand the high pressure generated in the injection process. A series of new impact copolymer products independently developed by the company occupy the leading position in the base material of domestic white household appliances

"this is due to the high-quality cracking material supplied by the large oil refinery." Li bang, deputy director of the production department of Sinopec, said that big ethylene "eats well and produces well". Its high-quality, refined and advanced products are widely used, which has driven the development of many product chains such as polyethylene, polypropylene, pyrolysis C4, C5, aromatic polyester chemical fiber, etc. in the downstream of the plastic tensile testing machine shared by technicians in the Bohai Bay area

under the effect of various optimization measures, the detection of large refining tons of oil is divided into several levels: the full cost of flexibility, comprehensive energy consumption, comprehensive commodity rate, high-value product yield and other indicators that can be measured are at the leading level. In 2013, the output of No. 97 gasoline, aviation kerosene and vehicle diesel all reached a record high, and the profitability reached the highest level since the start-up of a 10 million ton oil refining unit

in 2013, large ethylene and oil refining went hand in hand, producing 1.09 million tons of ethylene and processing 9.54 million tons of crude oil, achieving a sales revenue of 112billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 10billion yuan. While maintaining the domestic advanced level in the operation of the unit, the technical and economic indicators such as energy consumption, material consumption, cost per ton of products, high-value products, etc. have reached the leading level in the industry

Tianjin Petrochemical said that in 2014, it will continue to take the overall benefit maximization as the goal, optimize resources, strive to purchase cost-effective crude oil, further optimize the overall optimization of large ethylene raw materials, and strive to achieve better economic and social benefits

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