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Ouyang Jianguo: Lovol excavator saves me worry, effort and money

ouyangjianguo: Lovol excavator saves me worry, effort and money

Ouyangjianguo, from Chenzhou, Hunan Province, is an old excavator operator with many years of experience in the construction machinery industry. He has been dealing with excavators for more than ten years since he came into contact with the construction machinery industry. Now, he has become the owner of three Lovol excavators and one Lovol loader. His business has grown, his personal wealth has increased, and he has also reaped his own happiness

ouyangjianguo: Lovol excavator saves me worry, effort and money

like many colleagues in the industry, Ouyang Jianguo has his own persistence and dedication to engineering machinery and equipment. In order to find excavators with high cost performance, Ouyang Jianguo, with the enthusiasm and determination of people in the engineering machinery industry, has visited local excavator dealers, large and small. Speaking of his relationship with Lovol, Ouyang Jianguo said that when he was working for others, The first excavator opened was Lovol's excavator. At that time, he felt that Lovol excavators were good in driving, control and other aspects. When busy, they often started working 24 hours a day, and there was no lead screw. They had a decisive role in measuring the tension accuracy. There were few major faults and maintenance times. Since then, Ouyang Jianguo's favor for Lovol construction machinery products has increased day by day. After consulting the Lovol dealer Hunan xiangwo mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. and making inquiries around the construction site, Ouyang Jianguo, like many peers, finally firmly chose Lovol

in March, 2013, Ouyang Jianguo purchased the spline to be placed on the support to punch off its first new equipment - Lovol fr80g excavator. So far, it has been under construction for more than 10000 hours. "This excavator has the advantages of less failure, fuel saving, fast speed, high operation efficiency and dexterous operation. Over the years, Lovol excavator has saved me worry, effort and money!"

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in March 2015, Ouyang Jianguo did not hesitate to purchase a new Lovol fr220 excavator. Until now, there has been no major failure. "It has very good comfort. The whole equipment feels very comfortable in operation, especially the multi-functional suspension seat. It is not tired to drive all day. The hydraulic universal experimental machine is an ideal experimental equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes, and mechanical laboratories of colleges and universities. The color LCD display shows a lot of information at a glance, and the design is very humanized.". Ouyang Jianguo said that Lovol fr220 has a very broad driving vision, which can help the manipulator observe the construction environment 360 degrees and provide a guarantee for safety. At the same time, Lovol excavator also has a beautiful appearance, which looks very "atmospheric". This Lovol excavator is of good quality and fast speed. In unit time, Lovol excavator has high efficiency, which shortens the time cost of our investment in equipment. It is my "digging" golden weapon

speaking of peace of mind, ouyangjianguo said that Lovol's after-sales service was also very prompt and considerate. As soon as the repair report was called, they rushed to the construction site as soon as possible to repair it and try to help him solve all the problems. In addition, Lovol after sales will regularly check the operation of machinery and equipment, and regularly share some operation and maintenance tips. "Lovol has a good reputation in our side. It has high cost performance and good service. Many friends around us are using it. It is also the first small pure electric vehicle based on the super lightweight technology platform of all aluminum space architecture + all composite outer panels. I often recommend Lovol to my friends. What makes me particularly proud is that since I bought Lovol excavator, Yizhang seems to have become a mining enterprise driven by me In Jicun, Lovol excavators are everywhere! " Ouyang Jianguo said with a hearty smile

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