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Excessive packaging is not only a "technical" problem. The compulsory national standard of general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities has recently passed the examination and approval. The standard sets mandatory standards for the packaging gap, number of packaging layers, weekly maintenance (once a week "clean-up"), packaging materials, packaging structure, etc. of six categories of commodities such as beverage, wine and tea. Packaging is as indispensable to human beings as clothing is to systematic experimental goods. In the 1950s, DuPont, which has been selling well, found its market share declining. The survey found that 63% of consumers attach importance to packaging. Although the product quality of DuPont is very good, there are two problems in the packaging. One is that the packaging quality is poor and often damaged, so consumers are naturally unwilling to buy damaged goods; Second, the packaging is too simple, lack of characteristics, and the recognition is not strong. It is difficult for consumers to recognize this product at a glance. For this reason, they redesigned and improved the packaging, and a crisis was resolved, which showed the importance of packaging

the lower the relative humidity is, in the past, the old idea that keeping the aroma of wine is not afraid of deep alleys and that meat is not on the pleats of steamed stuffed buns, China's commodities generally did not pay attention to packaging. The hemp bags for ginseng export and the plastic bags for West Lake Longjing made our products suffer a great loss in the international competition. As time goes by, people soon find that China's commodities have overcorrected on the packaging issue, moving to the other extreme: Ginseng in a mahogany box, bird's nest in a gold inlaid box, and moon cakes with famous watches, good wine and good tea. According to the research, the packaging cost of ordinary goods is the most reasonable when it accounts for 3%-15% of the total cost, while the cost of luxury packaging often exceeds 30% of the cost of goods

the harm of over packaging is obvious. In June this year, Wal Mart, a global retail giant, announced the implementation of the packaging slimming plan and refused to purchase over packaged goods at the multinational company procurement meeting held in Nanjing. The reason is that for them, reducing the packaging by 5% can save $2.4 million in freight a month; For the society, only the series of toys they sell cost more than 3800 trees with thick bowls each year. In view of the fact that excessive packaging not only wrongs consumers' money, but also increases transportation costs for circulation enterprises, but also brings great harm to the ecological environment, public opinion has called for the introduction of compulsory national commodity packaging standards. Now, this standard came into being, and it is undoubtedly worth looking forward to its role in limiting excessive packaging

however, it should be noted that over packaging is not only a technical problem, but also a social problem. In other words, excessive packaging is not only a technical problem of the lack of national mandatory standards for commodity packaging, but also a luxury and waste 4 Sensors of different specifications can be configured according to requirements to solve the social problems of unhealthy atmosphere. On the one hand, consumers have good form and face, and simply agree that good packaging is good quality. This psychology has boosted the excessive packaging of businesses; On the other hand, social unhealthy tendencies provide the soil for the survival of excessive packaging and luxury packaging. Under the attack of the trend of gift giving, especially the trend of giving gifts with public funds, zongzi, moon cakes and other ordinary commodities have been alienated into chips for gift giving and even bribery. They are not only luxurious and luxurious in packaging, but also renovated in appearance, with precious watches and high-end tea placed inside. The commodity has exceeded its original value and significance, and the excessive packaging has therefore exceeded the level of technical problems

therefore, on the issue of excessive packaging, we should not only formulate and continue to improve the national mandatory standards, so that more commodity packaging can embark on the road of standardized and reasonable packaging, but also vigorously advocate the scientific consumption concept and guide people to form simple, thrifty and economical consumption habits. In addition, we should vigorously strengthen the construction of a clean and honest government for cadres, put an end to gray corruption, and eradicate the social soil caused by sky high priced moon cakes and luxurious packaging. With so many approaches, the problem of over packaging can finally be resolved. Liuqingchuan

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