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The overall development trend of furniture in China in the future

the living standard of farmers is even higher than that of urban residents. In the future, the vast furniture market must take into account the well-off farmers, whose demand for furniture will increase at a rate of 20-30% per year. First, the future furniture will seek innovation and change. Since the reform and opening up, China's people's living standards have been greatly improved, and furniture consumption has completed the transformation from necessity, practicality and applicability. After entering the new century, especially after becoming a member of WTO, people will have a new change and breakthrough in the concept of furniture consumption. From the previous functional pursuit to personalized and fashionable enjoyment and appreciation, furniture is not only a pure tool, but also endowed with the connotation of pursuing fashion, publicizing personality, enjoying life and appreciating the world. In the future, the new-style families composed of young people will not only be the main force of furniture consumption, but also their ideas will change the development trend of the market. They will design novelty, reflect personality, or be elegant or beautiful. As long as they do not fall into the stereotype, even if they make some discounts in terms of firmness and wear resistance, it is not a pity. Innovation and change will be the mainstream of furniture consumption in the future. Therefore, the renewal speed of furniture will gradually accelerate, and the renewal cycle will change from the current decades to 4-5 years

II. Furniture will be closely integrated with green environmental protection in the future.

furniture will be inseparable from green environmental protection. In the future, furniture must solve the pollution problems of free formaldehyde and volatile chemicals harmful to human body in the process of bonding and finishing. In the future, the society will gradually tend to be aging and diversified, and with the improvement of housing level, more and more only children can have their own rooms. Therefore, in the process of combining the future furniture market with green environmental protection, we should take into account the health needs of these special groups, and design furniture specifically for the elderly, children, the disabled and the single

III. The vast market of furniture in the future will be in rural areas

China is a country with a large agricultural population. Since the reform and opening up, the living standard of farmers has even been higher than that of urban residents. In the future, the vast furniture market must take into account the well-off farmers. Their demand for furniture will increase at a rate of 20-30% of China's m2 of 47.5 trillion each year. Due to the involvement of farmers, the main force of consumption, furniture will be considered to be continuously innovated in structure, shape and appearance color in the future. For example, it can be combined at will to facilitate transportation. Since this year, whether it is a bed, table, sofa or wardrobe, it is necessary to (2) configure an accumulator to be able to assemble and move at will; The rectangular and round shapes of traditional furniture will be replaced by irregular lines; Furniture color will also gradually abandon the monotonous and dull colors that have been used all the time, and replace them with more and more bright colors, which will be divided into two levels, or coordinate with the home decoration environment, or form a strong contrast. In short, many changes of furniture in the future are closely related to farmers, the main consumer group, so we should pay attention to and study its development trend and trend from now on

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