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Following the heavy release of new products, new support policies and new store image at the Beijing Exhibition in early March this year, love wallcovering once again implemented brand support to dealers and consumers

in order to enhance brand awareness and realize the concept of love at the beginning of its establishment, love once again implemented brand support to dealers and consumers after the heavy release of new products, new support policies and new store image at the Beijing Exhibition in early March this year

since the end of March this year, love has started to upgrade the brand image of stores. From the on-site measurement of the company's staff to the detailed negotiation of the spatial layout, after a month of image rectification, several stores were completed as scheduled before May Day. Under the on-site guidance and communication of love staff for many times, the new upgrade of the store is in order, such as a gorgeous turn. Image upgrading and service upgrading have brought new brand experience to customers. This upgrade is a new brand experience for each store of love. It not only makes a more reasonable adjustment in the pattern, but also makes a more brand tonal transformation in the external facade design, which enhances the comfort and experience of users and brings a new visual experience

the upgrading and transformation of brand image has been popular in the market. Since its introduction into the market, love's "change as you please? Don't make do with it" policy has received good feedback from dealers and customers everywhere. From the perspective of users' own consideration, follow the freedom of inner choice, create high-quality products and services that are more suitable for the concept of a new generation of home life, and advocate a truly pleasing lifestyle. Love always perfectly combines the brand spirit with user experience. Through the policy concept of "heart changing", it embodies the abstract brand spirit, so that more users can truly experience the heart free and pleasant life that love can only enjoy in love. The proposal and implementation of the "follow your heart" policy is also a bold attempt by love in the wall fabric brand industry. It analyzes the current wall fabric industry market, directly attacks the pain points of the industry, combines the consumption characteristics of consumers, extends the service quality while ensuring the product quality, combines the brand image operation with the mission of creating a pleasant lifestyle, and effectively and reliably provides policy support that meets the needs of users

Ninghai store is the first distribution store implemented after the upgrading of the brand image of love. The implementation of the "follow your heart" policy in the opening activities is of great demonstration and guiding significance. There was an endless stream of customers at the opening event. Facing new and old customers, the staff not only enthusiastically introduced the product features, explained the matching skills between various styles and soft clothes on site, but also patiently explained the "follow your heart" policy. "If you are ugly on the wall, change if you are dissatisfied" made customers reduce many concerns, comprehensively publicized the sincere feedback and service concept of the brand, and added many value-added services to this event. According to incomplete statistics, as of May 7, the intention of Ninghai store has exceeded 100 orders, which is a historic achievement. For the majority of customers, it is an exchange activity with more confidence in love wallcovering. The successful conclusion of this event and the brilliant results achieved are the strong evidence that the upgrading of love's brand-new image has a great role in promoting dealers' joining, and also the achievement display of the implementation of the "follow your heart" policy

Mr. Zhou Jiatian, the founder of luff brand, said that luff wallcovering will always implement the brand spirit of "doing what is pleasing to the heart and doing what is pleasing to the heart", implement the service policy of "changing at will? Not making do with it", provide craftsman quality services, actively listen to the suggestions of major dealers and customers, constantly refine products, upgrade services, strengthen support, and create a value win-win platform. While carrying out brand operation, love wallcovering will always adhere to the "craftsman soul" level product quality output to provide dealers with more follow-up guarantee and corresponding technical support and policy support. In 2019, love will become bigger and stronger, and let love's flag spread all over the country




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