A partition is designed in the living room, which

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This case is a compound structure of 90 square meters, with 30 square meters on the first floor and 60 square meters on the first floor

teacher fan is an elegant and generous modern woman. She is not only a professional talent, but also an all-round mother. She found us for decoration for the third time. Teacher fan's demand this time is to be concise, bright and comfortable, and to control the budget relatively. This case is a compound structure of 90 square meters, with 30 square meters on the first floor and 60 square meters on the first floor

living room

the decoration of the living room is concise, with simple and elegant color matching, and a touch of yellow dots on the hanging paintings measure the space. Two bright yellow pillows echo on the blue sofa; Sofa, tea table, carpet, flower arrangement, Nordic style with temperature design. According to the structural characteristics of the original house, a corner of the living room is built into a piano corner with full artistic conception. The bookshelf beside can also hold many books. Study, flower arrangement, bookshelf, sofa, living room, TV background wall, partition TV background wall, solve the problem of TV hanging, solve the division of guest restaurant, and have a reliable wall on the dining table to increase the sense of security


a whole row of storage cabinets are designed in the space under the stairs to increase storage; The cupboards are also connected together to make transparent glass high cabinets, which is convenient to prevent quilt, red wine and other items in the later stage. The partition of the dining room is partially hollowed out in the middle, which is convenient for placing small items, and also increases the visual effect, saying goodbye to depression. Partition, screen, his moral is to have a backer, gather wealth and accept blessings


30 square meters can accommodate three spaces at the same time, including living room, dining room and kitchen. After design, both vision and comfort have been greatly improved


large area of frosted glass is embedded in the outer wall of the toilet to increase the sense of permeability. A solid wall will suppress a lot. The niche design in the bathroom also adds a lot of points to the shower room


bedroom balcony, bed, decorative painting, flower arrangement, Nordic gray with local pink, really a space full of temperament and warmth. The bedroom is painted light milky white, which shows a sense of hierarchy compared with the top

children's room

pink is a little girl's favorite


the floating window balcony in the living room is deeply loved by the owners. It is a busy life cycle. I look forward to sitting here and enjoying a moment of tranquility. A home does not need too much decoration, and a simple and warm home is the best




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