Ou Shennuo salutes you for your ingenuity

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In this era, people pursue speed, efficiency and shortcuts, and use machines to replace skills. However, even in the current era of industrialization, there are still a few masters with ingenuity who adhere to quality

in this era, people pursue speed, efficiency and shortcuts, and use machines to replace skills. However, even at the moment when industrialization is popular, there are still a few masters with ingenuity who adhere to quality. In the accumulation and sedimentation of time, exquisite skills make the value stronger over time

precious jade is priceless, and art is eternal. In the long history of Chinese civilization, Baoyu is the clue that runs through all civilized elements, and it is also the best footnote of Chinese civilization. Every jade must be carefully carved to achieve perfect shaping. In this process, the craftsman's technology often determines the fate of Baoyu. You who have ingenuity naturally play an important role

we often use the word "originality" to describe the creativity and uniqueness of jade sculptures. All craftsmen should have the spirit of craftsmanship. So what is the spirit of ingenuity

ingenuity is modesty. Treat things falsely and others leniently. Only by maintaining a modest heart can we have enough psychological space to discover and understand the world. Only by being modest can we build the foundation and complete the extreme construction of raw material quality

ingenuity is perseverance. It's a kind of perseverance. It's a marathon in cool days. We may not see the end. All we can do is run. Perseverance can test the perseverance of a craftsman, accumulate small steps and achieve great strides

ingenuity is carefulness. It is a personality that shows extraordinary quality in every detail. An attitude of excellence in technology and works is essential. Only by grasping the details can we pursue unlimited perfection

ingenuity is the persistent pursuit. It is not only quenching after tempering, but also a natural free and easy state of mind to experience hundreds of hardships of hard jade, achieve the highest level of art, and make precious jade reborn

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meet Yu Jian, who has been working hard for 18 years and achieved a brilliant future. The appearance of the stage play "impression precious jade" shows the ingenuity of jade through performance. Ou Shennuo's source power of the work, the ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship, and the tireless exploration of innovation are merged into a masterpiece of jade culture. All these are derived from Ou Shennuo's pursuit of outstanding ingenuity. We invite you to taste it together

the large-scale stage play "impression Baoyu" will premiere at Shenzhen Poly Theater on April 19. A play that condenses Chinese jade culture into an artistic performance; A play that translates millennial ingenuity into subtle and flexible artistic expression. Accompanied by ingenuity and ups and downs with time, ou Shennuo invites you to follow the dance steps of jade culture, taste the first main play of jade culture in China, and watch the extreme interpretation of jade culture ingenuity

the stage play of impression precious jade is composed of four structures, namely "seal", "elephant Vientiane", "treasure treasure" and "jade jade see". The story begins with the battle between Shang tribe and Guifang for jade resources in the period of Hongshan culture. It describes the love story with jade in the Tang and Song Dynasties, inserting jade culture, jade craft and jade soul, and shaping a three-dimensional and perfect grand view of Chinese jade culture for the audience. At the same time, the play revives the scenes of the court water sleeve dance of the Han Dynasty and the production technology of palace Tingyu of the Han and Tang Dynasties, which not only brings a visual and spiritual feast, but also provides a rare cultural edification for the audience

"impression precious jade" is produced by Oushennuo Ceramics Co., Ltd. and jointly created by national planning, editing and directing. From ancient times to the present, from material to nature, it deeply interprets Chinese jade culture. At 3 p.m. on April 19, "impression Baoyu" is waiting for you at Shenzhen Poly Theater

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