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Now people pay great attention to the decoration quality of the bathroom. When decorating, they not only care about the aesthetics and practicality, but also pay attention to the decoration Feng Shui of the bathroom. Next, Xiaobian will explain the feng shui knowledge of bathroom decoration from the aspects of orientation, color, decoration and so on. Let's get to know it

bathroom decoration feng shui knowledge

bathroom decoration Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Orientation

there are many contents about the orientation of the bathroom, but the editor here tells you that the bathroom should be in the fierce position at home. Therefore, no matter what kind of room type, everyone can put the bathroom on the evil position, and then use the water's ability to turn evil spirits to flow out the evil spirit of the evil position in the home. This can not only improve the fortunes of the family, but also do not need to occupy the dirty bathroom in the auspicious position

bathroom decoration Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Decoration

most modern bathroom rooms have got rid of the dirty and smelly image. In order to reflect the style of life and improve comfort, people will also decorate the bathroom. This requires everyone to choose shade plants and small round leaf plants when choosing plants. When hanging pictures in the bathroom, you should choose works with beautiful, gentle and sunny pictures, and avoid sad paintings such as old vines, old trees and crows

bathroom decoration Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Color

generally speaking, the bathroom belongs to water, so the available colors are black and blue, or golden white. But because the dark room is too Yin, and black was also used as the color of coffins in ancient times. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose light blue or white. This can make the bathroom seem empty and clean

bathroom decoration Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Mirrors

mirrors are indispensable where there are people, and not only women, but men also began to use mirrors to adjust their image and dress. In the bathroom, the mirror should not be placed directly against the toilet, the bathroom door and the gate. And when choosing a mirror, it must be round, oval or square, and you can't use a triangular or angular shaped mirror at will. It also requires that the waterproof and anti fog ability of the mirror is relatively good, which is closely related to the feng shui of the bathroom

bathroom decoration Feng Shui &mdash& mdash; Toilet

it can be said that a toilet can be called a toilet, and the bathroom is built around the toilet. Therefore, in the bathroom feng shui, the placement of the toilet is very important. Generally speaking, the toilet can't be placed in the same direction as the house, otherwise it will lead to a sharp decline in the fortunes of the family. Secondly, the toilet cannot be placed directly against the bathroom door or the door

in addition, good ventilation should be ensured during the decoration of the bathroom, because the dark and humid bathroom will damage the health of the family. Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of situation, we should resolutely avoid being confined in the bathroom indoors. The windows of the bathroom should preferably be opened outward, and equipped with a high-power exhaust fan





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