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From July 8 to 11, 2015, Jingjie board made a wonderful appearance at the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo. The home hotline and the reporter of "cabinet world" made an exclusive interview with Jiao Yin, deputy general manager of Jinhua Haili household products Co., Ltd., with the theme of "foresight? Home"

from July 8 to 11, 2015, Jingjie board made a wonderful debut at the 17th Guangzhou Construction Expo, attracting many dealers to gather around for consultation and cooperation, The reporter of home hotline and cabinet world made an exclusive interview with Jiao Yin, deputy general manager of Jinhua Haili household products Co., Ltd. with the theme of "foreseeing home"

on site interview guests: Jiao Yin, deputy general manager of Jinhua Haili household products Co., Ltd.

Jiao Yin, deputy general manager of Jingjie board, was interviewed by the reporter of home hotline

the main products of Guangzhou Construction Expo: "Twilight city", "Sahara love" "Rainbow journey" series products

cabinet world: it is only a month away from the Shanghai Construction Expo. What new products did your company bring to the Guangzhou Construction Expo? What are their characteristics

Jiao Yin: Huiya information has cooperated with us for many years. Here I would like to thank Huiya information for its support over the years. We have brought many new products at this Guangzhou Exhibition. Jingjie has been focusing on plate suppliers of health products. In the eight years since the establishment of the factory, we have devoted almost all our energy to the production of cabinet panels. 90% of the first-line brands of domestic cabinets cooperate with us, so they have also achieved a great market share. Under such a situation, we feel it is time to expand our business scope, so we take this opportunity to build the Expo, and try to make a breakthrough in the wardrobe field on the basis of plate production. Therefore, the products brought are mainly designed on the sliding door and flat door of the wardrobe. On the basis of modern simple style products, we have developed four series and twelve styles of products, mainly including "Twilight city", "Sahara love" and "Rainbow journey". On the premise of fully embodying the texture of the plate, we will make full use of our color matching. The products can meet the needs of post-80s and post-90s young people by using the effects of bright light, skin sticking, acrylic and so on. I hope that through these improvements and efforts, we can make a breakthrough in the field of wardrobe

cabinet world: the current products pay more attention to humanization, so what are the advantages of your company's products in humanization

Jiao Yin: humanization includes many levels. With the development of the Internet, the requirements for intelligent and humanized products are becoming higher and higher. We attach great importance to sensory aspects in product design. For example, this "Twilight city" product adopts a fingerprint free design to strengthen the surface treatment, making the hand feel like touching human skin. The perfection of details is one of the manifestations of humanization. Next, we will develop towards the integration of wall cabinets, hoping to give our customers more system solutions

cabinet world: the golden period of "golden nine and silver ten" will soon come. What specific actions does your company have? In addition, what is the trend of the development of the home furnishing industry in the next time

Jiao Yin: I have been in the home furnishing industry for more than 20 years, during which time the home furnishing industry has developed very fast. In general, first, home customization is one of the trends in the future. Because our per capita living area is between 30 and 50 square meters, which is far below the level of developed countries. In the need to make full use of space, please mention that home customization can give full play to its unique advantages. Second, home e-commerce is also inevitable. In the future, the concepts of e-commerce and "Internet +" will definitely be mainstream and will be combined with traditional sales channels. Third, smart home is also the future trend. Manufacturers of R & D materials and accessories are constantly developing in this direction, which is also the direction of our company

Jingjie talks with dealers

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