Puerto Pollensa shipyard takes government to court

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Puerto Pollensa shipyard takes government to court - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Astilleros Cabanellas – a familiar sight to those who visit Puerto Pollensa.

27-12-2021Elena Ballestero

The Cabanellas family, who have had a shipyard in Puerto Pollensa since 1959, have lodged an appeal with the courts against the decision of Ports IB to refuse an extension to the concession.

The regional government’s ports authority intends allocating the space to a dry marina with repair service and putting this out to tender so that interested parties can bid “under equal conditions”.

Astilleros CabanellasPeel, a familiar sight to everyone who visits and lives in Puerto Pollensa, has been operating under a “lifetime concession” on public domain since 1959. Or had beenat restaurants can operate with up to 10 people per table. Masks must be worn when not eating or drinking., as a legislative change of 1988 allowed the termination of such a concession once thirty years had elapsed.

Under the terms of the concessionThe minimum age limit was lowered by five years on Sunday afternoon., there has been an annual charge of 346.72 euros plus taxes. The family, in requesting an extension, has proposed investing 590,000 euros in environmental improvements and in conversion to a museum dedicated to the craft of master shipwrights that could also be used for training purposes.

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