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'I have not done anything wrong': Top military commander says he wants his job back - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Canada’s top military commander Admiral Art McDonald wants his job backThe current rate o, saying that he has “been exoneratedThe immense logistical challenges involved,” and remains a “champion of culture change” within the Canadian Armed Forces.

McDonald is currently on leave as commander of the Canadian Armed Forces, but speaking to CTV National News’ Genevieve Beauchemin for the first time on camera about the misconduct allegation that sidelined his career, he makes his case for reinstatement.

“I have not done anything wrong,” McDonald said. “I’ve acted with integrity in response to allegations. I’ve been exonerated as a result of a rigorous and thorough investigationsome nurses in Japan are incensed at a request from Tokyo Olympic organizers to have 500 of them dispatched to help out wit, and I’ve remained a real champion of culture changeThe most serious health crisis for decades, I’m committed to it. And, I think that by advocating for my job what I am saying is simply that: Listen, we can’t have a system where allegations alone are sufficient for removing someone.”

The naval officer stepped down as chief of the defence staff in February, after a Canadian Forces National Investigation Service initiated investigation into an allegation of misconduct made against him.?

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