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The electronic components industry will have a breakthrough growth

2006 is a year full of uncertainties in the electronic components industry. On the one hand, the pace of industry innovation has been greatly delayed, the release of Microsoft's new operating system Vista has been delayed until the end of the year, the launch of 3G in China has been postponed again, and the launch of Sony PS3 has also been delayed until the end of the year, which has a serious impact on the demand of the industry. On the other hand, the rising price of raw materials has affected the profit level of the industry to varying degrees

compared with other industries, technological innovation is the biggest influencing factor in the component industry (and the entire IT industry). The fundamental reason for this is that technological innovation has created new needs, and at the same time, it has constantly eliminated old needs, such as the evolution from tape recorders to CD players to MP3 players. Through technological innovation, new products greatly expand the application of components. When new products gradually mature and the market tends to be saturated, and the subsequent technological progress does not keep up, the industry presents cyclical characteristics. Therefore, the intensity of technological innovation determines the intensity of the industry cycle

the industry cycle in 2000 is caused by the network, which is a major technological innovation. Therefore, the industry cycle is strong and lasts a long time. However, the industrial cycle in 2004 was caused by consumer electronic products, such as, digital cameras, MP3 and other consumer electronic products. It was more about the level of application technology, and there was no great technological breakthrough. Therefore, the cycle was weak and the duration was short. In recent years, the entire IT industry has lacked important technological innovation, which has also made the industry lack of major investment opportunities. Judging from the peak in 2000, the entire semiconductor industry is still in a large recovery cycle. From the perspective of stock index, since 2000, the trend of A-share electronic components has been lagging behind the overall trend of the market

among the terminal electronic products, PC, consumer electronics and communication are the three main demands, accounting for 38%, 28% and 20% market shares respectively, which has a decisive impact on the electronic component industry. In 2007, the three major fields of PC, communication and consumer electronics will face breakthrough growth brought by major technological progress, which will bring great opportunities for the industry to combine tepex materials with DLFT process

first of all, the PC industry will usher in the new generation of Microsoft's operating system vista. Microsoft spent five years to develop vista, with an investment of more than 30 billion dollars. This is a super aircraft carrier class project with the largest amount of code in history and a team of 9000 core engineers alone, which can increase the indoor occupancy rate by 5% to 8%; The impact on the industry will undoubtedly be huge. Compared with XP, Vista has a qualitative leap in hardware requirements. The standard configuration of memory alone is more than 1G. At the same time, Vista requires an independent graphics card and uses NAND flash memory as the cache between PC hard disk and main memory. It is expected that Microsoft will release vista for commercial users in December this year, and the operating system for individual users will be fully launched in January next year

at the same time, Intel also released the latest 64 bit dual core processor, marking the beginning of the era of 64 bit dual core technology for mobile processors. In history, every major technological breakthrough of Wintel alliance will bring major opportunities to the PC industry. "What is king is king after all". Although the Wintel alliance faces certain problems at present, the world is still under its rule. With the advent of a new round of machine replacement climax in the PC industry, the electronic components industry will face huge demand

secondly, 3G is still the biggest hope of the communication industry in the future. Although the industry is still anxiously waiting, it is one step closer to the end as time goes by. According to the schedule of the Olympic Games, it is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, the country will complete the heating experiment in the main Olympic cities, and the city will begin to build 3G networks. The time for issuing licenses in the first half of 2007 will be fully ripe. 3G will have a huge impact on the communication industry. It will greatly improve people's ability and way to obtain information. Whether it is communication equipment or, it will face a new round of explosive demand

Third, HDTV (high definition digital television) is a sustainable hot spot in the consumer electronics industry. HDTV is a radical change in the field of human vision, and its significance is no less than the change from the black-and-white era to the color era. At present, the maturity of a series of new technologies, such as flat panel display technology, Blu ray storage and transmission standards, has announced the official arrival of the HDTV era. Although the transition from analog to digital will not be completed in a short time, the curtain has opened, and the future is only a matter of time. Who can stop people from yearning for a better life

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