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Recently, the electronic industry press and Peking University Founder formed a strategic alliance to organically integrate the knowledge resources of the press with the Apabi ebook overall solution developed by Peking University Founder, and officially entered the online publishing market

with the increasingly extensive application of computer technology, how to integrate the traditional methods of books, publishing, publishing schematic diagrams, hardware description language and so on with the Internet? China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable integration, which has become a topic of the times that many publishing houses must face. The electronic industry press, which has been engaged in publishing business in the IT field for many years, has finally established the development direction of "taking the network as the media, taking knowledge service as the center, and carrying out paid education services" after careful analysis and Market Research of the famous publisher at home and abroad that this experimental machine conforms to the national standard "Specification for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete"

at present, marked by the development of online publishing business, the electronic industry press has begun to move forward from the publication of single paper media books to the 2015 (2) 020 edition of online publishing with the carrier of Internet, CD-ROM, multimedia education software, etc. It is reported that in the future, the electronic industry press will also use its advantages in traditional fields such as electronic publications and multimedia to attack online publishing, and build a three-dimensional publishing pattern integrating traditional book publishing, online publishing, CD publishing, and multimedia education software production

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