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Abs: the trend this week is good. The trading price of Qimei 757 resin has risen from 8800 yuan/ton to 9200 yuan/ton. DuPont high performance materials business department said that some domestic materials have also rebounded accordingly, and Daqing 750 is between 8500-8800 yuan/ton. Although the situation is good, industry insiders believe that this week's slight correction is only the inevitable adjustment response to the previous sharp decline. In addition, the domestic household appliance industry is in the off-season recently, so it is estimated that the situation will not be too optimistic

hdpe: after three times of sharp increases, HDPE fell sharply again. This week, HDPE finally tended to be stable. All third-party services, administrative entrustment and administrative approval intermediary services that increase the burden of enterprises should be publicized, and there should be a slight recovery. After the "test" of the previous period of time, the industry is full of confidence in the trend of HDPE in the coming period, The current price is between 6500-70 high-temperature universal material testing machine and 00 yuan/ton. It is expected that there is still room for recovery in the short term

ldpe: due to the increasing demand in the domestic market, the relative shortage of inventory in the market, and the upsurge of the international oil situation, it is expected that the company has not revealed more details of this proprietary technology for the time being, and LDPE will have a certain room for growth

pp: compared with the previous period, this period also tends to be stable, but the real trading volume has not increased. However, according to the experience of previous years, these two months are the peak sales season of PP, so the situation of PP should be gradually clear in the future

pvc: for a long time before, PVC gave people a feeling of weakness. Although it increased slightly this week, the situation was not too optimistic. The trading price this week was 6800 yuan ---6900 yuan/ton, and it was still lingering

based on the above, Jiangsu plastic market is on the rise as a whole. There will be room for continuity for some time to come

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