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Where does the bill printing enterprise feel when the electronic invoice comes

according to the requirements put forward by Volvo, information technology gave birth to bill printing, but now the redevelopment of information technology puts bill printing in danger

the "measures for the administration of online invoices" implemented on April 1 this year has attracted strong attention from many printing enterprises whose main business is tax invoices. It is understood that there are still some enterprises whose invoice printing volume accounts for more than 60% of the total business. Such Indian enterprises have realized that they cannot stick to their original fields all the time, and transformation must be put on the agenda

Huang Yisheng, President of the China Printing Technology Association from Taiwan, pointed out at the 13th annual meeting of the commercial paper branch of the China Printing Technology Association held recently that bill printing enterprises should focus on the overall situation and become market service providers across fields. He believes that bill printing enterprises currently need to cultivate core technologies and competitive advantages, pay attention to human resource development, establish good systems and continue to improve processes. At the same time, with many years of experience and observation in Taiwan, Huang Yisheng brought Taiwan hair to mainland practitioners. Today we introduce the experience of electronic invoice Exhibition on the use and operation points of high-frequency fatigue testing machine. Among them, the fluctuation of invoice added value deserves the attention of the industry

the promotion of online invoices and electronic invoices is not the last revolution brought by the development of informatization to bill printing enterprises. In the future, new technologies will continue to wash this industry. Enterprises should maintain sustainable operation or occupy a leading position in the industry, and operators should have a keen understanding of the business environment, so as to adjust the business direction of enterprises, establish clear business strategies, and grasp the dominant market position and long-term competitive advantage. Online invoices have an impact on the operation of bill printing enterprises. For the operators, it is necessary to think about the transformation of long-term business development. The following author puts forward some suggestions for enterprises as a reference

don't put eggs in one basket

key tips: centralized and single tax invoice business is good for profits, but it is easy for enterprises to get lost in other markets. It is necessary to develop products, services and solutions required by diversified markets, pay attention to diversified channels and valuable target customers, and do not put eggs in one basket

it is risky for bill printing enterprises to put all their resources on tax bill printing for long-term development. They should master customers from different channels such as finance, insurance, transportation, manufacturing, retail, transportation, hospital, education, etc

in addition to diversified products, enterprises should put forward complete solutions for different industry characteristics to meet customer needs. Taking bank customers as an example, in addition to general bills, anti-counterfeiting products (checks, etc.), credit cards, and marketing catalogs, enterprises can also provide direct mail solutions (data processing services, one-to-one marketing solutions, etc.) to provide design, materials, production, and timely services for electronic export customers, which is no longer a simple printing business. Transformation needs to change business thinking. First of all, we should turn the company from a print provider to a market service provider, pay attention to customer value instead of price, establish partnerships with customers to grasp market opportunities, and enterprises should provide customers with integrated products, services and solutions

enterprises should also have the idea of cross field operation for long-term development and grasp the development opportunities of the comprehensive printing market. In addition to the traditional bill printing business, on-demand printing services, publishing and printing, commercial printing, digital printing, digital publishing services, media services, packaging printing, personalized printing, etc. can provide customers with complete services of design, production and distribution. Customer service needs will be variable in the future, and high-quality, short delivery, low-cost and cross media services are inevitable. Such as the electronic lottery mechanism, enterprises will have 10 times the market size of the transformation opportunities after cross cutting

to grasp market opportunities, enterprises should first take stock of existing resources and customers, concentrate the company's resources to develop valuable target customers and products, and also take stock of their own competitiveness and differentiated competition methods, accelerate the development of new products and solutions, think about how to provide more services, closely combine customer relations and increase added value, and enter the digital related services and integrated printing industry as soon as possible

[case] greater Japan printing company is the world's largest printing media company, with a turnover of about $18.3 billion in 2012. It has experienced four transformations in its 137 year history. Expanding the printing field has always been a very important strategy to maintain the company's growth and industrial position

During the period of

, great Japan began to transform from a publishing and printing company into a comprehensive printing company. After 1955, it successively entered the fields related to bill printing, after 1967, it successively entered the fields of plastic cards, laser holography and magnetic cards, after 1972, it began to enter the field of digital media related services, and at the same time, it began to enter the field of packaging and printing after 1951

in response to the rapid development of digital technology and networks, since 2001, big Japan printing company has positioned itself as a provider of printing and information related solutions, taking the principles of Mashup, interaction and information security (such as paper and electronic media, customer interaction and copyright, information security management, etc.), developing complete solutions (such as ecology, energy, etc.) from the perspective of consumers and society, and innovating based on the needs of the global market. The developed products and services (solutions) include digital publishing services, self-service printing service system, cross media solutions, B2B enterprise global solutions, enterprise information security solutions, etc

master the three technologies of digital, anti-counterfeiting, making the corresponding fixture according to the installation position of the real vehicle and arranging it on the test bench.

key points: to cultivate core technology and competitive advantage in transformation, automation and optimization of process are necessary to enhance competitiveness. Digital, anti-counterfeiting and security technology are the three core technologies of customer solutions and important factors to create competitive differentiation and strengthen competitiveness. Combined with professional printing and information technology, there is a lot of room for future development

to cultivate competitive advantage, we must first optimize the printing process, including prepress, printing and post press processing technology, in order to improve efficiency and strengthen competitiveness. Strategic alliance is adopted to cooperate with upstream and downstream industries to develop core technologies, and the communication between suppliers (raw materials and equipment), customers (understanding needs and professional knowledge) and strategic partners (upstream and downstream) will grasp the direction of developing core technologies and the opportunity to solve problems. This requires the company to explore and develop the core technologies needed through the integration of marketing, production, R & D and procurement departments. Only with a good organizational team can we have the ability to integrate external resources

the core technology of bill printing industry includes security, anti-counterfeiting and digital technology. The added value of anti-counterfeiting products is several times that of General Bill products. The development and technology of anti-counterfeiting products need professional teams, which can improve the company's overall external brand image (professional, high-tech, high-quality, etc.) and the differentiation with competitive manufacturers; The concept of safety technology includes safety management and mechanism. It is a guarantee for the safety of people flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow. It has been one of the most important projects in differentiated competition. The certification of society, quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and information security are all part of the safety technology system

digital technology includes Prepress digital process mechanism and services, workflow and system integration (CIP4, JDF, ERP, etc.), printing digital services (database management, data processing, network marketing, on-demand printing, etc.), digital publishing services (digital, digital authentication, digital asset management, cross media marketing solutions, etc.), digital printers (inkjet printing technology, digital anti-counterfeiting technology, etc.), Integrating traditional printing technology and digital technology and providing complete solutions can meet customer needs

for bill printing enterprises, the transformation of production equipment and technology should go hand in hand. Printing equipment will have the functions of simple operation, convenient operation and high-speed processing. Hybrid printing has become a trend. Automation, process optimization and production efficiency improvement are very important competitiveness. The diversification of processing equipment is necessary for product development, including printing, punching, dotted line cutting, stapling and other processing, gelatinization, bonding, digital processing (bar code, O in the experimental process Cr, variable image, etc.), origami, packaging, sheet cutting, pressing, card pasting, pressing Special processing such as album will diversify products, and processing with special materials, such as special ink, securities paper, anti-counterfeiting materials, will also increase the characteristics and added value of products

[case] in the past 10 years, Donggang Co., Ltd., a domestic benchmark bill printing enterprise, in addition to the comprehensive printing business integrating security ticket printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, label printing, data processing, digital printing, color printing and test paper printing, the whole business thinking has also changed from Bill products to digital services, and then to solution providers

Donggang Co., Ltd. has 8 production bases, 30 sales service points and 9 subsidiaries in China, all of which have comprehensive business service capabilities; We will establish the brand image of the company with the certification of safety printing, quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and information security, and obtain the certificate of government secret carrier, and develop printing, digital, it technology, processing and solutions as the core technology of competition

talent training and system construction are key

key points: for the bill printing industry, now is an important turning point of market development, and finding, educating, employing and retaining people all depend on the wisdom of operators. In addition, establishing a good system is also one of the necessary conditions for the sustainable operation of enterprises

enterprise transformation will inevitably bring many management problems, such as production management and return on investment, market price strategy and share, financial management and internal control, product research and development and innovative management, management system establishment and calculator management. The most troubled problem is how to find competent and experienced management and leaders. Cultivating enough directors is a necessary condition for the current bill printing industry to strive for development, so establishing a professional core team as soon as possible is the main key to future market competition, and we should continue to cultivate relevant successors

the development of management processes in general enterprises must first face production technology, quality and efficiency (production orientation), then market expansion and management (market orientation), then financial management (Financial orientation) and the establishment of information systems, and then think about how to do a good job in human resource management (Human Resource orientation) in the process of development. The system in these management processes can only be formed bit by bit. The establishment of a good system is one of the necessary conditions for the sustainable operation of enterprises. It depends on the patience, courage and determination of operators, and continuous process improvement is necessary

grasp specific markets through alliances and mergers and acquisitions

key points: in addition to general business management, enterprises should also analyze the internal and external business environment and the company's resources during transformation, find out relevant opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses, and then think about what strategies to adopt to nurture the company's long-term competitive advantage, in order to achieve the mission and goals set by the company. Strategic alliance and merger and acquisition are two strategies

China has a vast territory and a huge market, and the bill printing market is mixed everywhere

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