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According to statistics, in September, China's export and import of electronic information products increased by 23.1% and 20.2% respectively, down 8.5 and 18.1 percentage points from the previous month, which is the lowest growth month this year. As the economic recovery maintains a good momentum, China's electronic industry will play an important role in the process of economic recovery and economic transformation next year, and the high growth of the industry is worth looking forward to

the global electronic industry showed a small shock growth

in the first three quarters of this year, the production growth rate of China's electronic industry fell significantly, and the monthly growth rate continued to decline. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, the added value of electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size increased by 17.9%, 1.6 percentage points higher than the industrial average level in the same period. From the perspective of monthly growth rate, except for the slight correction in August, other months showed a downward trend month by month. The added value in September increased by 11.6%, 3.3 percentage points lower than that in August, and 1.7 percentage points lower than the national industrial average. This is the first time since this year that the monthly growth rate is lower than the industrial average

in the third quarter of this year, the investment growth rate and import and export of the electronic industry showed a downward trend, indicating that the electronic industry has shifted from strong growth to a slightly volatile upward trend

the electronics industry leads the secondary market

we believe that this year is the first year of technology stocks. During the economic recovery period, technology stocks have become the most trusted stocks. From the beginning of the year to November 19, the electronic components industry index rose 68.57%, while the Shanghai Composite Index fell 10.95% during this period, and the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index fell 10.08%

from the perspective of valuation, the valuation of the electronic industry in 2010 increased by 52% compared with the valuation of the same period in 2009. At present, the valuation of the electronic industry is at a historical high. Judging from the value of the overall valuation, there is indeed a lot of downward pressure, but we should see that at present, China's economy is in a stage of economic recovery and transformation. In such a complex environment, the electronics industry bears a heavy burden. In fact, the excellent performance of the electronic industry with high-tech characteristics this year has proved this. In today's situation, the electronic industry can guide the economy to complete the transformation and enter the normal track. We believe that under the two distinct investment themes of consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading next year, the electronics industry is still trustworthy. Bayer Group sales in the third quarter of 2014 were 10.187 billion euros, which determines that the electronics industry should enjoy high valuation

the prospect of intelligent controller is promising

with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for intelligence is growing. Intelligent products can make us live more comfortable, healthier and more convenient. At present, the intellectualization of developed countries in Europe and the United States has been quite mature, while the intellectualization of China is currently in the initial stage of development, the degree of intellectualization needs to be improved, and the future prospects are broad. As the core device of intelligent products, intelligent controllers should enjoy wider development space and grow better in the future

the global market scale of intelligent control products is growing steadily year by year. Affected by the positive impact of the global economic recovery, it is expected that by 2012, the market size will reach $1.052 billion to avoid equipment damage, and the growth rate of the global electronic intelligent control industry will gradually rebound to 19.1%, reaching the growth rate of 2007

the scale of China's intelligent control products is close to the growth rate of the global intelligent control product scale tensile testing machine, but the overall growth rate exceeds the global growth rate. Under the theme of economic structure transformation and consumption upgrading, China's intelligent control industry will get better development opportunities. It is estimated that the overall scale of China's intelligent control products will reach 625billion yuan in 2012, with a growth rate of 22.5%. The field of intelligent control mainly designs household appliances, automotive electronics, smart home and other fields. At present, China is the world's largest producer. Among all household appliances, there is still much room for improvement in the intelligent rate compared with western developed countries. Intelligent products are the general trend. At present, the cooperation mode with international manufacturers is also gradually changing. Foreign intelligent design and production are being transferred to China, which not only increases the domestic order volume, but also is changing from the original cooperation mode of foreign design and domestic manufacturing to the mode of domestic design and domestic manufacturing. We believe that the domestic intelligent industry will enter a rapid development channel

based on the judgment of the entire electronic industry, we believe that the electronic industry will still be a hot spot for investment next year, and high-tech stocks are trustworthy. Among the sub industries, we believe that the sub industries with distinctive themes will develop beyond expectations, and the themes related to the national strategic emerging industries will grow better. There is a good investment value for individual stocks around consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading, The specific performance is: intelligent industry and touch screen industry with consumption upgrading as the theme; Semiconductor equipment and new display OLED industry with industrial upgrading as the theme; LED industry with the theme of green lighting and display devices, as well as power devices in new energy electronic components

in terms of specific investment targets, in the intelligent industry, we are optimistic about Yingtang intelligent control, the leading enterprise of intelligent controller for small household appliances. In the touch screen industry, our best solution is to divide polishing into two stages for ultrasonic electronics

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