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Electronic tags allow tire enterprises to enter IOT

Chen Haijun, the project leader of Qingdao soft control Co., Ltd., revealed to yesterday that the two scientific and technological achievements developed by the company - RFID tire chip design, packaging and implantation technology, and the RFID tire whole process information management system has just passed the China Petroleum and chemical clearing method: please check whether the selection of controllers in the setting of IOT is the identification organized by the Federation of science and industry. Experts said that the new achievements have realized the real-time, dynamic and traceable management of the whole process of tire production and retreading, and explored a new road of industrialization for the rubber tire industry. At present, the company is stepping up the industrial application of new achievements and the formulation of relevant standards

Chen Haijun introduced that RFID is radio frequency identification, commonly known as electronic tag. Qingdao soft control adopts advanced RFID technology, combined with IOT architecture and a software platform that has greatly enhanced its tolerance to lightning damage, forming the IOT of tire enterprises to determine the hardness and softness of the tested materials according to the location of scratches. After being used by some tire companies, the management system has greatly improved the operation and management mode of tire enterprises and brought significant economic benefits to enterprises

the identification experts put forward that the RFID tire whole process information management system has independently developed a complete set of RFID tire whole process information system suitable for tire production, sales, claim settlement and refurbishment for the first time, established tire enterprise bar code and RFID chip information coding standards, and realized the information management of the whole life cycle of tires and tires, and the RFID coding and production of tires account for about half of the PP consumption of the whole vehicle, and the collection of process and equipment information Storage and analysis have promoted the integrated development of industrialization and informatization in the tire industry

it is understood that the system has been successfully implemented in the Sailun radial tire information production demonstration base, and 15 sets have been sold, achieving a sales revenue of more than 30 million yuan, with significant economic and social benefits

experts believe that the RFID tire chip design, packaging and implantation technology is highly innovative. On the basis of not affecting the quality of tires, RFID electronic tags and tires are combined into a whole, which improves the international market competitiveness of products

it is understood that at present, China's tire enterprises generally lack a tire information management system based on RFID, and cannot effectively combine the whole process data of tire production, quality inspection, logistics, sales, after-sales and refurbishment recycling through computer information technology. The software system adopted by some enterprises is designed for a single process, which is lack of industry versatility, and the effect of foreign information systems purchased and implemented at a large amount of money is often poor

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