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Electronic curtain wall paint: the "secret weapon" of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

the zigzag fatigue experiment of electronic curtain wall can be divided into Rotating Zigzag fatigue experiment, circular zigzag fatigue experiment and plane zigzag fatigue experiment; It can also be divided into 3-point zigzag, 4-point zigzag, cantilever zigzag fatigue experimental paint: 200 shows a lot of more than 8 "secret weapons" of the Beijing Olympic Games

April 7, 2008

[China paint information] many international manufacturers are making final efforts to get the "call" of Beijing - most of them are enterprises manufacturing scientific and technological products, and the latest scientific and technological achievements launched now can be called leaders in similar products. You should browse these products applied to the details of large-scale events in detail, which may become the "secret weapon" of the Beijing Olympic Games

in the construction of modern stadiums and gymnasiums, large-scale electronic curtain walls are the most important information equipment to provide information for spectators. However, nowadays, the organizers of sports events are increasingly advocating the construction of temporary sports venues. Before and after the use of venues, the construction and removal of large-scale electronic curtain walls are quite troublesome. To this end, a chemical technology company in the United States has specially developed "electronic curtain wall paint". If "electronic curtain wall paint" is used, the builder does not need to reserve space for lines and other auxiliary equipment for the electronic curtain wall during design and construction, but just locate it on the plane where the electronic curtain wall needs to be placed in the building. When all the five factors that affect the performance and accuracy of the electronic tensile testing machine are built: after the construction is completed, as long as this paint is applied to the flat wall, a large "electronic curtain wall" will be formed - when used with a digital projector, its display effect is no less than that of an expensive electronic curtain wall. The movable projector is obviously easier to install and disassemble than the electronic curtain wall with an area of hundreds of square meters. Of course, the biggest advantage of using "electronic curtain wall paint" is to save money. Generally speaking, a display curtain wall can be painted on a medium-sized gymnasium for hundreds of dollars. Once the building is demolished, it only needs to be treated like ordinary building materials

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