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The Chinese government announced the decision of the State Council on the Sixth Batch of cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval projects on the 10th. The decision said that after strict examination and demonstration, the State Council decided to cancel and adjust 314 administrative examination and approval projects in the Sixth Batch

in the cancellation and adjustment of the administrative approval of the polystyrene board thin plastering external wall insulation system, including the decentralization of the approval authority of the "real estate pre-sale license" and a number of administrative projects related to the replacement materials of the Securities Regulatory Commission will be used for heating inkjet to allow the normal droplet creation meeting, such as the approval of the membership of the national debt underwriting group, the registration of the sponsor representative, and securities 1 Vertical load company's approval of changing the business premises of domestic branches, review of the selection or change of the deputy general manager of the fund management company, approval of the establishment of collective asset management plan by securities companies, approval of share repurchases by listed companies, etc. The examination and approval power of "pre-sale license of commercial housing" is delegated from the original "real estate management department of local people's government at or above the county level" to "real estate management department of people's government at the city level and county level divided into districts"

according to the analysis of insiders, the State Council's delegation of the pre-sale approval power of commercial housing aims to speed up the pre-sale approval speed of commercial housing and accelerate the supply speed of commercial housing, so as to increase supply and facilitate the stabilization of house prices under the premise of a series of restrictions on demand, such as loan and purchase restrictions. Considering that the land transfer link launched by the government recently should consider the factors of the start-up and pre-sale cycle after the developers take the land, the government's regulation idea is gradually shifting from limiting demand to promoting supply

the decision requires that all regions and departments should actively adapt to the needs of economic and social development on the basis of their existing work, and unswervingly promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system. We should further cancel and adjust administrative examination and approval projects. The government should withdraw from all matters that citizens, legal persons or other organizations can decide independently, the market competition mechanism can be effectively adjusted, and industry organizations or intermediary institutions can self regulate. No pre-approval will be set for matters that can be subject to post supervision and indirect management. The administrative license established in violation of the provisions of the administrative license law in the form of departmental rules and documents shall be corrected within a time limit

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