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Among the concerns of the global electronics industry, the 12th high tech Fair (elexcon 2010) officially kicked off in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday. Nearly 300 leading electronic components, materials and equipment manufacturers at home and abroad comprehensively demonstrated the vitality of China's electronics industry after the financial tsunami: in traditional automotive electronics, industrial electronics In addition to the electronic components, materials and equipment used in the fields of it and consumer electronics, exhibits and solutions for emerging fields such as intelligence, smart electricity, smart home appliances, new energy, electric vehicles, led, IOT, medical electronics are emerging in endlessly, and more green electronic components, materials and equipment can also be seen everywhere

According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the sales output value of the electronic information manufacturing industry in the first three quarters of 2010 was 4487.4 billion yuan, an increase of 26.6% over the same period last year. China has implicitly become the world's largest electronic industry base. Every move of China's electronic industry may have a far-reaching impact on the global electronic industry pattern. As the most popular exhibition of electronic components, materials and equipment in China, the electronic exhibition of the high tech Fair has also attracted the attention of the global electronic industry. At the exhibition, there were electronic components from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Britain, France, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Roma, TDK, Murata, Taiyangyu, Omron, Panasonic electric, Jimei, Nitto electric, Tong Kwang, etc Material and equipment manufacturers and powerful international exhibition groups have become a major attraction of the arc materials of the high tech fair

although exhibitors come from all over the world, the products and solutions displayed are close to the Chinese market without exception, which also reflects the global influence of China's electronics industry from another perspective. Jimei, rijing electric, Junyao electronics, jinshengyang technology, Jarrett technology, Jinhua electronics and other manufacturers exhibited components, materials and equipment used in emerging fields such as smart electricity, led, new energy vehicles, IOT, including high-capacity thin-film capacitors, ZigBee network products, switching three terminal voltage regulators, high-frequency planar transformers, etc. Murata, TDK, sunlur, Tong Kwang, Roma, Omron, Panasonic electric, heshentang and other global passive components and connector giants will also display new products that are more suitable for the Chinese market

in line with the current global green concept, the electronics industry has always grasped the theme of environmental protection, energy conservation and low power consumption. At this high tech fair, many manufacturers closely followed the green theme and introduced many different types of products and technologies. For example, Murata urchin, who once attracted a large number of fans, including Shenzhen leaders, at the electronic exhibition of the high tech fair, also has an upgraded version of environmental friendly Murata urchin and its sister product Murata Wantong. According to relevant presenters, the environmental friendly Murata urchin takes green environmental protection as the development concept. By using Murata's latest energy-saving technology, sensing technology and communication technology, he has developed electronic components that can improve the green degree of electronic equipment, and installed these components on him. He has reached in-depth cooperation with many leading car companies, and has become the 2010 version of environmental friendly Murata urchin

in addition, it is worth mentioning that Chinese enterprises themselves pay more attention to the technical content and value improvement of their products. For example, the R-Series reflow welding rad-1040 newly launched by Jintuo automation has brought the innovation of SMT welding technology: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and easy maintenance. It has also made new achievements in the field of AOI visual inspection equipment. This time, Jintuo took its related products to the important stage of the electronic exhibition of the high tech fair, Together with Tengsheng fluid control, TOPCO, shunluo electronics, North China industrial control, North China technology, Audi and other enterprises, it has become the spokesperson for the transformation of China's electronics industry with the baptism of the crisis

blockbuster conferences have been held one after another to comprehensively improve the flexibility strength of made in China

in addition to the wonderful demonstration at the electronic exhibition of the high tech fair, many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad also actively participated in the technical forums and workshops held at the same time of the exhibition, and discussed the current technological hot spots and innovation road of the electronic industry with the special audience. For example, international semiconductor manufacturers such as NXP, Texas Instruments, Freescale, ATMEL, Italy France semiconductor, arm, suntang, Fujitsu delivered wonderful speeches at the 2010 MCU technology innovation and Application Conference; Panasonic, Meiya, Jintuo, ambion and other enterprises discussed key manufacturing technologies with technical experts from Huawei, Nokia,

Flextronics, Wen Tai and ZTE at the 7th China Manufacturing Technology Forum (cmmf2010); Murata, TDK, sundeco, Rohm Haas, FCI, Penang electronics and other international passive component and material manufacturers participated in the international passive component technology and Market Development Forum (PCF2010); The innovative design conference (cmkc2010) also has experts in KDDI, Fairchild, Shiqiang Telecom, Lou electronics, Longqi, China Mobile, iSuppli, UBM and other fields; The creative era of the organizer specially invited Professor Li Shiwei from the Hong Kong University of science and technology and Gao Huantang, the general architect of the Asia Pacific framework development alliance in the Android field, to hold elexcon master's lectures on Le, an innovation system that conforms to the development characteristics of China's new material industry, d packaging and Android design, respectively, to create more learning and exchange opportunities for engineers

however, different from the previous focus on the basic function design and improvement of electronic equipment, manufacturing technology and material technology, this year's forum focuses more on the areas of improving the soft power of enterprises, such as the conception and implementation of innovative products, lean manufacturing and lean creation, industrial design and human-computer interaction of products, software development and coordinated design with software and hardware, design manufacturability, etc

for example, in cmmf2010, in addition to the introduction of technical processes such as full FPC mobile terminal real installation and 01005 component mixed real installation, destructive innovation theory, future oriented strategic planning of the final manufacturing enterprise execution system, DFX design, lean creation and quality management have become the focus of attention of the guests; Cmkc2010 especially opened two heavyweight links, such as Android system analysis and development workshop and industrial design salon. Gao Huantang, the general architect of Asia Pacific Android field framework development alliance, Ke Bowen, the developer of monopoly, and Lu Yusheng, the famous Android Developer, jointly talked about more market opportunities for people who pay attention to Android development. Zhu Hongyuan, the director of Tianyu id/md, Chen Mingyong, the design director of Coolpad Chen Zeye, design director of ontim, and Luo Huan, President of Xinlei design, contributed their own experience on the integration of design and emotion, design thinking and implementation methods, design team collaboration and management

2010 is of great significance to the electronic industry. After experiencing the baptism of the storm, electronic enterprises have reflected and changed their future development path. From the wonderful displays of exhibitors at the 12th episode of the high tech fair, it can be seen that China's electronic industry and even global electronic enterprises have been ready or are preparing to start a new journey on the road of creating and creating Chinese value in China

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