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The export of electronic information products has reached a new high, and the green packaging of honeycomb paperboard has made great contributions.

inspired by the spirit of the 16th CPC National Congress, the electronic information industry is achieving new leapfrog development. This year, on the basis of the steady development of last year, the growth rate of the electronic information industry has accelerated, with production growth of 30.3% in the first quarter, an increase of 11.7 percentage points over the same period last year. Among them, the export volume of electronic information products was US $25.71 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 44.4%, accounting for 29.8% of the total national foreign trade exports, and the contribution rate to national exports reached 36.5%, driving 12.2 percentage points of the 33.5 percentage points of national export growth. Electronic information products continue to cross the ocean and go to the world, and their product packaging is indispensable

with China's entry into WTO and the development of economic globalization, foreign trade has increased significantly, and enterprises will face new opportunities and challenges. It is increasingly important for product packaging to integrate with the international market. Especially at present, the import quota of EU to China's household appliances has been unfrozen, and the EU is becoming another important market for China's household appliances export. However, EU countries have strict restrictions and regulations on wood, EPS plastic and other packaging materials and their packaging waste. For example, the packaging of goods entering Germany needs to apply for the "green dot" sign, and the packaging of goods entering France needs to apply for the "vertical dot" sign. From the perspective of improving the image of green packaging of products, reducing the cost of waste recycling and avoiding "green" trade barriers, the research, development, production, promotion and application of "green packaging" materials such as honeycomb paperboard and pulp molding has become a top priority and has far-reaching significance

the packaging office of the Ministry of information industry and the Packaging Technology Association of the electronic industry have not only jointly held "technical exchanges and technical lectures on pulp molding and honeycomb paperboard" with relevant ministries and commissions for many times, but also held a series of activities such as training courses, technical seminars, on-site visits, promotion and application in a multi-form, multi-level and multi-directional manner. Through these meaningful activities, the vision of packaging technicians has been broadened, which has played a positive role in promoting the technological upgrading, process improvement and market expansion of honeycomb paperboard in China, and has achieved gratifying results so far. The exported electronic machine instruments and household appliances use honeycomb paperboard to replace wooden pallets, packaging boxes and EPS plastic cushioning pads, such as honeycomb paper pallets, honeycomb cartons, honeycomb paperboard and other packaging materials and products developed by Beijing Zhonghe Hengye honeycomb paperboard products Co., Ltd. with good internal quality and excellent service, they soon won Beijing Panasonic kinescope Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier Group Baoding Fengfan Battery Co., Ltd., Beijing sampu electric appliance company, Beijing Guqiao air conditioning company and other more than 10 well-known enterprises

according to the survey, the Kelon building deformation measurement specification jgj/t 8 (9) 7, Midea and Gree brand air conditioners in Guangdong are planned to produce about 4.5 million air conditioners this year. In order to integrate with the international market in packaging (3) more and more experimental fixtures and utilization for special industries (3) there is a large amount of air in the oil circuit system, honeycomb paperboard has also been successively replaced by EPS foam plastic liner, and has begun to be tried on cabinet air conditioners of some specifications and models. For example, Gree Electric Co., Ltd. took the lead in using honeycomb paperboard to pack air conditioners a few years ago. An air conditioning production line needs about 3000 sets of honeycomb paperboard cushioning materials every day, and the annual consumption of honeycomb paperboard is about 20million square meters. For another example, Kelon air conditioning company approved the project to improve the original air conditioning packaging in 2000, and wants to replace EPS buffer packaging with honeycomb cardboard, corrugated cardboard and EPE, so as to simplify the packaging structure and meet the requirements of environmental protection. It has been put into use in large quantities since 2002 and will be fully applied this year. It is expected that honeycomb paperboard materials worth about 40million yuan will be used this year. Qingdao Haier Electronics Group air conditioner cabinet began to officially use honeycomb paperboard packaging materials in batches in January 2002. At present, the daily consumption has exceeded 20000 square meters. Since the second half of last year, crystal brand air conditioners of Hisense, Aucma and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have also successively used honeycomb paperboard to replace EPS cushioning materials

Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has conducted corresponding research and technical reserves in previous years, and last year purchased honeycomb paperboard and paper corner protection production lines. The scientific and technological personnel and designers of "Changhong" Packaging Research Institute have studied hard and learned from others' strengths. With honeycomb paperboard as the main material, they have combined it with corrugated paperboard, paper corner guards, pulp molding and other environmental protection materials. They have gradually formed a green packaging solution for the series of products of "Changhong" brand air conditioners, color TVs, rear projectors, audio-visual home appliances, and have gradually replaced EPS foamed plastics and wooden pallets, and achieved gratifying results. Users reported that the use of honeycomb paperboard not only reduced the packaging cost (last year, Guangdong Kelong air conditioning company saved more than 6 million yuan in packaging cost; Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. reduced the comprehensive packaging cost by more than 17 million yuan), but also helped to improve the company's brand and image, reduced "white pollution", and opened a smooth "green channel" for the export of foreign trade enterprises

honeycomb paperboard products save resources and protect the ecological environment, which is in line with the development trend of the application of materials in the international packaging industry. Although there are still some problems in the promotion work in China, we can still see the broad market prospects of honeycomb paperboard products

it is reported that TCL can make the impact resistant experimental machine system play a greater role in scientific research and experiments. LG, Galanz, Panasonic, sharp, oaks and other brands of air conditioners, as well as domestic and foreign well-known large household appliance enterprises such as Hualing, Wanjiale, Little Swan, Philips, Samsung and other large electronic enterprises such as Anyang color kinescope glass shell, Xianyang color kinescope, Foshan color kinescope, Product packaging is also conducting research, testing and trial use of honeycomb paperboard materials, which will be potential big users of honeycomb paperboard. At present, although it is difficult to estimate the market demand for honeycomb paperboard, it will eventually become the mainstream of packaging materials for products in China's electronic information industry

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