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The control system of compact spinning frame

spinning process is the last process of yarn forming, which is to further draft the roving 30 ~ 50 times and twist it, and spin it into a certain number of spun yarn that meets the relevant quality standards for twisting, weaving or knitting. The production scale of textile mill is expressed by the total number of spinning frames; Spinning output is the basis for determining the quantity of each process; Spinning quality level, raw material power consumption and labor productivity are the embodiment of technology and management level. Therefore, spinning process plays an important role in textile mills

the drafting principle of the traditional spinning frame is basically the same as that of the roving frame, while the winding and twisting are completed by the steel ring and the steel ring, so it is called the ring spinning frame. Like the traditional roving frame, the ring spinning frame is driven by a motor, and the speed required by each mechanism is changed through the gearbox. Among the components of the ring spinning frame, the drafting system is the most critical factor that reflects the performance of the spinning frame and affects the quality of the yarn in the benchmarking process. The new compact spinning technology improves the drafting part creatively, separates the drafting area from the assembly area, and superimposes the pneumatic condensation or agglomeration technology of fiber whiskers between the drafting and twisting of the ring spinning roller, which increases the tightness of the whiskers and reduces the hairiness by about 20%, The strength is increased by about 10%. At the same time, the evenness of sliver and machine efficiency are also improved to varying degrees, which can not only reduce the processing cost, but also reduce the post-processing process. Another advantage of compact spinning is that it is completely consistent with the original spinning frame, with only one more pair of compact rollers. It can also be refitted on the original ring spinning frame, which has a broad market prospect

the control system of compact spinning frame is much more complex than that of ring spinning frame. First, the strict synchronization of front and rear rollers realizes the precise control of drafting multiple and twist to ensure the yarn quality of high count yarn; Secondly, the electronic forming technology of coiling is realized by eliminating the transmission gears of steel ring and steel ring and adopting advanced servo control technology, so as to realize the simplification of mechanical mechanism, the improvement of production speed, and the automatic adjustment of yarn count and tube yarn forming

control system scheme

in the control system of compact spinning frame, we use three sets of Schneider Electric's twin line series servo drive system and brushless servo motor to control the front and rear rollers and ring plates respectively; Two atv31 series frequency converters are used to control the main drive motor and fan respectively; The whole system is controlled by micro PLC with good communication between enterprises and customers. At the same time, xbt-g 5.7 "black-and-white touch screen is used for system operation and monitoring

introduction to control system

twin line series is a wide range of servo driver and brushless servo motor products launched by Schneider Electric Company. It integrates advanced and optimized brushless motor control technology, and has IEC standard programming function and various open interfaces. It is controlled by pulse/direction, i/o or fieldbus. The motor power range is 0.3 ~ 13.8 nm, and the speed range is 4500 ~ 12000 rpm, It can flexibly meet various real-time application requirements and realize economical and intelligent application solutions

micro PLC has the powerful data processing ability of medium-sized PLC. Through accurate calculation and high-precision analog output, it can realize the precise synchronization of front and rear rollers required by compact spinning frame and the electronic forming of steel ring plate; The memory expansion function of micro PLC also provides a strong guarantee for the large capacity data storage area required for the control of compact spinning frame

atv31 series inverter is the latest upgraded product of atv28 series inverter. Its power range is from 0.18 to 15 kW. It has 6 logic input ports, 3 analog input ports, 1 logic/analog output port and 2 relay output ports. Atv31 series inverter has the characteristics of high reliability, compact structure and easy use. It has built-in A-level EMC filter and integrates MODBUS and CANopen industrial field buses to provide motor and inverter protection, acceleration/deceleration ramp, 16 segment preset speed, bipolar (± 10V) signal setting, PI regulator, braking sequence, traverse function and many other functions, It can well meet the application requirements of various other machines

electronic forming control of spinning

the tube yarn of spinning is shown in the right figure. The tube top, tube body and tube bottom are divided into three parts. The winding form adopts conical cross winding (also known as short range lifting winding). The winding diameters of each part of the same layer of yarn are different, so that the yarn can be extracted from the tube top without rotation of the tube body during unwinding, which is suitable for high-speed unwinding

the winding forming motion is composed of two motions:

circular motion: the motor drives the bobbin to rotate at a constant speed through the spindle belt

axial movement: the short range lifting motion of the ring plate guides the yarn to be evenly distributed on the winding surface


winding speed (NW) = spindle speed - coil speed v/(PDX) (V: front roller pull wire speed, DX: winding diameter of the bobbin)

ring plate lifting speed (VR) = = D * NW (D: winding pitch)

therefore, in the electronic forming control of spinning, the servo system is used to control the short range lifting movement of the ring plate, and the winding pitch and forming height are set according to the outgoing speed of the front roller and the thickness of the yarn, so as to calculate the lifting speed of the ring plate required for the winding of the yarn on the tube body and the tube bottom; The position of the ring plate is detected by the encoder, and the corresponding speed signal is output by PLC to the servo system to realize the electronic forming of spinning

another solution of electronic forming control is to use twin line CoDeSys programming language, according to the spinning winding forming parameters, write the electronic forming program in the servo driver through the electronic cam function block, and directly output the lifting speed of the short range of the ring plate, so as to avoid the problem of real-time speed tracking lag caused by the PLC operation and output of analog signals to control the server scheme; In this scheme, the economic MODBUS bus connection can be used between PLC and twin line servo driver to realize the real-time spinning winding forming parameter transmission, which is not required at present

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