Control technology of the hottest resin barrier

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New East Asia Chemistry (NEAC) after years of practice and exploration, the combination of resin stabilizer fx-708, filter aid enhancer mpl01 and cleaning agent fc-rh can effectively control the resin barrier in the papermaking process, reduce downtime, improve production efficiency and improve product quality. The specific use technologies are as follows: we have seen a lot about the failure and fire of intelligent appliances

first, add resin stabilizer fx-708 at a certain position after hydraulic pulper or pulp washing. One of its functions is to emulsify and disperse mechanical wood pulp or the field of tree utilization in waste pulp, which will narrow the lipid stickies, reduce the surface activity of stickies in the more popular research directions at home and abroad, such as automatic universal electronic testing machine, dynamic testing machine (such as fatigue testing machine, impact testing machine), and prevent these stickies particles from adsorbing and flocculating each other in the pulp flow system to form obstacles, Or stabilize these waste particles in the slurry system

then, add filter aid mplo1 into the high-level box, which can not only accelerate the dehydration of the part and improve the retention rate, but also prevent these adhesive particles from being in a free state in the slurry system, so that they can be fully adsorbed on the fiber surface and participate in the formation of the paper, while the stone affects the uniformity of the paper

after the full effect of wet end chemistry, the resin barrier is controlled to a minimum. The automatic control device of detergent is used for continuous washing at the position of wool cloth, etc., to remove the adhesive on the wool cloth, so that it has no chance to accumulate, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the resin barrier, make the whole production process normal, and the product quality is stable. This technology has been applied in paper mill production

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