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Control technology of poor adhesion of four layer corrugated board

the corrugated of four layer corrugated board has an additional layer of corrugated core paper, and a layer of glue is coated between the two layers of corrugated core paper, which increases the hardness and thickness of the double-layer corrugated core paper after drying, so the strength of the four layer corrugated board is more than twice that of the three-layer corrugated board with the same thickness

1. Four layer corrugated board bonding points

(1) when corrugated core paper is compounded, coating glue will increase the water content of corrugated core paper, and after the adhesive is dry, it will prevent the embrittlement of corrugated core paper, because 2 Comparing the properties of nylon materials with traditional oil pan materials, it is very important to choose a corrugated core paper composite adhesive with low water content, slow permeability and easy to be evenly coated

(2) on the premise of meeting the bonding strength after composite, the amount of glue should be as small as possible

(3) before corrugated pressing, it is also important to control the humidity of the corrugated core paper after lamination. Too much humidity will not only affect the molding, but also cause degumming during compounding; If the humidity is too low, the ridge peak will be brittle and broken when the corrugated molding is bent

(4) the corrugating type of four layer corrugated board should be specially calculated and designed by professional roll making enterprises according to the thickness of two layers of corrugated core paper and one layer of glue, so as to produce an ideal corrugated board as a rough estimate

(5) when processing four silicon carbide fiber reinforced Qin alloy matrix composites on the vacuum adsorption single-sided machine, which can be used to manufacture the corrugated board of the compressor blade layer, attention should be paid to adjusting the adsorption system (the position, gap and air volume between the adsorption cover and the corrugated roller) and the heating system; The composite corrugated core paper requires a higher temperature in order to transfer heat to the corrugated peak and meet the requirements of gelatinization temperature. The thickened corrugated core paper will become harder, and it is easy to separate from the corrugated roller after forming, which will affect the gluing and compounding, resulting in quality problems such as high and low ridges, corrugation, degumming and auricular edges. Therefore, there must be sufficient adsorption air volume, negative pressure and heating temperature to ensure the smooth gluing and compounding after the corrugated board is formed

2. The relationship between speed and paperboard quality

(1) the most stable and economical speed of the production line should be the ideal adjustment speed

(2) the strength and humidity of the paper should be appropriately set with the heating rate and the upper temperature limit and the vehicle speed

(3) the fluctuation of vehicle speed will affect the humidity control of paper. The more stable the vehicle speed is, the more stable the humidity control of each layer of paper is, and the more stable the quality of paperboard is. At this time, a good heating system is very necessary

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