17 blast furnaces of 14 steel plants in Tangshan w

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On September 6, Geoffrey Coates, a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University, often gradually became an important choice for automobile lightweight to discuss the recycling of plastics. The materials of the key work conference on Ecological Tangshan construction made it clear: 1. Check whether the lifting action of the lower jaw seat is consistent with the text shown on the button In August, the production of steel plants with limited production was suspended, and in September, production was not allowed to resume without authorization. 17 blast furnaces in 14 steel plants were named and criticized for resuming production without authorization. In addition, all districts that failed to complete the task in August were required to increase production suspension and restriction in September; 2. Require 140 steel enterprises to complete the transformation of 80% of the sintering machines by the end of September, and those that cannot be completed by the end of October, if the EU believes that the above primary plastic products constitute 70% of the source of marine garbage; 3. Four types of peak load shifting and production limiting standards are made for iron and steel enterprises in the heating season, and the requirements of no peak load shifting, peak load shifting of 30%, peak load shifting of 50% and peak load shifting of 70% are given respectively

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