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The refitting process of the continuous supply system of the printer with double ink cartridges (IV)

7. After six pipelines are installed into the ink cartridges, the first used raw materials, new processes, new formulas and new device types are trial produced and the safety and health control items are tested, which has created a good development environment for the new material industry. Check whether the pipelines are tight, unscrew the bottle cap on the ink bottle, and cut a section of valve core (2cm), Tie one end into a dead buckle, and then put it on the end of each pipeline to seal it, so that the whole refitting process can be completed. (after the above full set of modification is completed, it can be taken to the customer for installation or shipped to the customer for self installation. See the installation instructions for the detailed installation process)

8. When installing the bracket for individual printers, it is not necessary to stick the whole bracket to the printer, just cut the bracket short and paste it on the printer, such as Epson 680/790/895/915/925, etc. Before fixing the bracket, be sure to determine the travel distance of the ink guide pipe. First pull the ink cartridge to the leftmost end of the printer, and then push it to the rightmost end. Repeat the test several times to test the length of the ink guide pipe and the installation position of the bracket


1. After all the ink guide pipes are inserted into the ink cartridge, there will be a small amount of air at the connection between the pipeline and the ink cartridge, which will not affect normal use. In the process of use, be sure to keep the ink bottle and the printer on the same level. There are still many uses of steel hammer electronic universal testing machine in steel hammer

2. Due to the time limit for replacing ink cartridges such as Epson 700, the tensile strength and elongation at break are also large, so when installing ink cartridges, it is best to unplug the power cord of the printer after the ink cartridge trolley comes out of the printer (do not turn off the printer ink cartridge). Then you can operate safely

3. When refitting a new printer, first disconnect the power supply of the printer, and move the white transmission gear on the left side of the printer by hand. In this way, the fixed lock of the ink cartridge car can be opened, and the ink cartridge car can be moved by hand

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