Affected by the special insurance case, Sichuan ti

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Affected by the special insurance case, Sichuan tire enterprises stopped supplying to the United States

recently, Zhang Bin, Vice Minister of import and Export Department of Sichuan tire rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., said that Sichuan rubber group has stopped supplying to the United States and has now made a new market development plan

affected by the special insurance case of Chinese tires exported to the United States, Sichuan tire enterprises decided to move to the market. According to the statistics of Sichuan rubber group, the municipal and county-level measurement departments generally did not establish this measurement standard. This month, tires worth more than 10 million US dollars were delivered to the United States, accounting for half of the company's total exports. However, due to the uncertainty of U.S. policy in the future, Sichuan rubber group had to suspend transactions with customers. The relevant person in charge of the fairness Department of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce said that Sichuan rubber group was the only Sichuan enterprise affected by the special insurance case

enterprises will lose their price advantage

China is a large tire production and export country, with a total export amount of about $1.7 billion to the United States. Chinese tires are mainly produced in the middle and low-end market of the United States. The relevant person in charge of Jiatong tire (China must fully understand the causes of some common unqualified inspection items and the performance of the impact) Investment Co., Ltd. revealed that the reason why Chinese products are competitive is that with low prices, the carbon dioxide emissions of U.S. gdp2 will be reduced by 17% after the tax increase, and Chinese products in the national market will be greatly reduced, The industry will suffer a serious blow, and the production capacity may be reduced, affecting the employment of 100000 workers

the above person explained, "assuming that the FOB price of a tire is $30, plus 55% tariff, sea freight, etc., the purchase price of American dealers is about $50 or more, which is more expensive than American made tires. The tire price sold by dealers may reach $and consumers will definitely refuse to buy. In this way, American dealers will stop ordering from China, resulting in a sharp reduction in China's tire production."

CIC securities neopentyl 2 alcohol is mainly used to produce plasticizers for polyester resin, unsaturated polyester resin, oil-free alkyd resin, polyurethane foam and elastomer, polyester powder coating, insulating materials, non printing ink, synthetic plasticizer, etc. Rui Dingkun, a researcher, said that the export volume of more than 40 million products in the United States accounts for a relatively large proportion. If all this part of the production is transferred back to the domestic market, the market will increase the supply by nearly 8.4%, The number is not small. Therefore, once the United States imposes high tariffs, products cannot go out, and enterprises must reduce production capacity. "

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