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At the beginning of the new year, Egypt officially launched two large-scale energy projects, one is wind power, the other is solar power. This is considered by public opinion to be a manifestation of Egypt's active search for new energy. In fact, through the window of Egypt, we can see that many African countries are trying to explore and develop new energy

there are three main measures taken by African countries:

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hydropower has great potential

first, we should deeply tap the potential and make full use of existing resources. For example, in terms of hydropower, the World Wide Fund for Nature reported that Africa has about 30million kwh of hydropower potential, but currently only about 10% has been developed, and 90% of the huge potential testing machine industry has been developed. Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and other countries with unique water conservancy conditions have begun to strengthen their efforts in this regard, including the development of hydropower as important as the search for new energy. At present, the installed capacity of hydropower stations in operation in these three countries is about 2.8 million KW, and the installed capacity of hydropower stations under construction is 4million kW

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bioenergy is valued.

secondly, bioenergy should be vigorously developed. In this regard, Senegal can be called a "pacesetter". The president of Senegal said: "biofuels will set off a new revolution in the African continent." Senegal has set up a government agency specializing in the development of biofuels and renewable energy, learning from Brazil and other countries. Farmers in some provinces have begun to grow a kind of grass that can be converted into alcohol. At the same time, Senegal is also preparing to plant 116 hectares of Jatropha that can extract biodiesel in the eastern tambacunda region, and then promote it in large areas in other regions. The DRC has established a special committee to study the production of biofuels. Zambian farmers have planted more than 200000 hectares of crops that can be refined into biodiesel. In response to the problem that improper use of bioenergy will cause damage to the environment, several countries in West Africa have issued special reports advocating the development and utilization of bioenergy while protecting the environment

ask for energy from the wind and the sun

finally, ask for energy from the wind and the sun. "Africa" means "hot sunshine" in Latin and Greek. Many countries in Africa are located on the equatorial line and the tension value used in the tensile test process is smaller than that of ordinary rubber products, and the sun is bright and abundant; Africa has many plateaus and strong winds, and both sunshine and wind contain almost inexhaustible clean energy. Therefore, the development prospects of solar energy and wind energy in Africa are broad. Industry insiders pointed out that solar energy is an ideal energy source for remote rural areas in Africa. "From the perspective of environmental protection, using oil and natural gas is not a good thing. When we have enough sunshine and the sunshine shines brightly on our houses, we are still using electricity to boil water. This is simply unimaginable and unwise."

South Africa is undoubtedly the most advanced country in Africa in the development and utilization of wind and solar energy. At present, there are more than 60 companies engaged in solar energy business in Nigeria, and a solar energy committee has been established. While in-depth research on solar energy development, it has also continuously strengthened cooperation with foreign counterparts, and organized foreign experts to come to the country for technical training. Kenya, Zambia and other countries have also included the development and utilization of solar energy in their plans and strive to reap some benefits

the solar power plant launched in Egypt this time is also the first in the country. People have high expectations for it, hoping that it will help alleviate Egypt's tense energy situation. At the same time, in terms of wind power generation, Egypt has superior conditions. Many places on both sides of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez are famous "tuyeres", which are often windy, and are good places to use wind energy. In fact, Egypt has built a wind power plant in the zaafulan area on the West Bank of the Gulf of Suez. When people drive by, they can see huge windmills like aircraft propellers from a distance. Now the construction of wind power plants will undoubtedly make Egypt leap to a new level in the development and utilization of new energy. (it can be seen from people's Cairo on January 8 that tensile strength is the resistance of ductile metals to their ultimate uniform plastic deformation.)

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