After isopropanol is used as the hottest solvent,

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Isopropanol for solvent is bearish

isopropanol for solvent is bearish

November 26, 2001

isopropanol for solvent (IPA household appliances) is bearish. IPA transactions have continued to hover on this price since the spring of this year, bringing confidence to extruder enterprises, but the demander has made a price reduction request on the basis of the decline in the international naphtha price. Although the supplier has expressed difficulties in reducing the price, However, due to the deterioration of the demand environment, the price is likely to fall from the end of this year to the first quarter of 2002. The current trading market is 95 ~ 100 yen per kilogram of tank cars for coatings and inks

ipa in addition to the bulk demand and the stagnation of coatings and inks for electronic protective equipment, which broadly includes hardware and software, the cleaning application accounting for about 30000 metric tons of Japan's domestic demand of about 150000 metric tons has also declined, and the overall demand has stagnated since summer. The demand for solvents has decreased by about 6-7% since June compared with that in 2000, and the reduction has further expanded to 10% in the last two months, However, the demand for ink uses is relatively stable, and the demand for replacing toluene in paint is growing steadily, so that there is still a large gap in the solvent demand, and the reduction range is not too large

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