After 7 years of training, Heng transformer has be

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After 7 years of training, Heng transformer has become the leader of transformer manufacturing in Central China

after 7 years of rapid development after restructuring, Heng transformer has grown into the leader of transformer production and manufacturing in Central China

2008 is indeed very unusual for TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hengbian). In the words of Zhong Yanmin, general manager of hengbian company: "This year is an extremely extraordinary year in the development of hengbian Transformer Co., Ltd., which is the most critical year for hengbian company to achieve the goals of the 11th five year plan, and also lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

however, it is in this case that hengbian transformer undertook the research and development of equipment required for the country's first 1000kV UHV AC test demonstration project, and successfully developed 1. Drive system 200mvar/1100kv reactor on May 18, 2008 The transformation has thus climbed to a new peak in the field of international power transmission and transformation technology

turning to the previous data, we can see that in seven years, the economic indicators of the balance and change have increased 25 times. The annual output value of the enterprise was only 100million when it was restructured in 2000, and reached 2.5 billion in 2007. The net assets increased 502 times. The annual profits and taxes paid in 2007 reached 1.5% from 7.92 million yuan when it was restructured 3.5 billion yuan to carry the banner of new material development. All this is inseparable from Heng Bian's attention to technology and financial management, as well as its full grasp of the market

after 7 years of development after restructuring, hengbian has grown into the leader of transformer manufacturing enterprises in Central China

continuous technological innovation

clean workshops, advanced equipment, busy production lines, orderly workers... What we see in the garden like factory area of hengbian is a thriving school. At present, hengbian is focusing on the implementation of the technical transformation project of the third phase of treasury bonds with an investment of 440million. 500kV, 750kV, 1000kV and UHV products will also be produced in larger quantities. It is quite different from the beginning of the reorganization. At that time, the balance change products were aging, the equipment was backward, the people were floating, and all kinds of waste were waiting for prosperity. After the reorganization, the balance and change decision-making level attaches great importance to technological innovation and believes that technological innovation and progress are the prerequisites for enterprise development. As a result, hengbian soon invested 160million yuan to carry out large-scale technological transformation of the enterprise, and built the largest fully enclosed, fully air-conditioned, constant temperature and humidity, dust-free and clean modern plant in Asia today, making it capable of producing 500kV ultra-high voltage transformers, and introducing a number of the world's most advanced production, testing and testing equipment

following the development of China's first natural oil circulation 500kV transformer in 2003, which greatly improved the reliability of operation, in 2004, the balance transformer successfully introduced Ukrainian technology and successfully developed China's first 750kV and 100000 kV reactors

at the same time of success, the balance change has not forgotten the investment in technology. In 2004, the company invested another 400million yuan to carry out phase II technical transformation, and built the world-class and China's first "double million project" in only 8 months, that is, a transformer manufacturer with 1million kV ampere capacity and 1000kV voltage level

it is understood that in recent years, the output value of new products of hengbian transformer accounts for more than 60% of the total output value of the enterprise every year. Every year, a batch of new products representing the advanced level of transformers in China are developed and put on the market, and on average, a new product is developed every week. The cumulative number of enterprise patents has reached 63, and the cumulative number of applications has reached 86. Among them, 7 patents and 7 technical secrets have been applied for 750kV reactor. According to the data, hengbian's annual scientific and technological investment reached about 5% of the enterprise's sales, and the scientific and technological investment in 2007 reached more than 100 million

quality is king

for any product, quality is the most basic and important. After the continuous improvement of technology, Zhong Yanmin believes that the production of hengbian also faces multiple challenges. First, new products have increased significantly, and the difficulty of making has doubled; Second, super large-scale production of ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage; Third, the difficulty and range of production management have increased, and the focus of management is more inclined to quality and technology. To this end, hengbian has always adhered to the "quality is king" and strengthened quality management from a subtle point of view

for example, the preparation plan before production is very detailed. Implement raw materials according to the production cycle of each workshop to ensure that the raw materials are in place on time. At the same time, the use of equipment, staff work content, sequence transfer, etc. are refined to people, minutes, and workplaces

at the same time, balance and change control the production process is also very strict. For example, on 1000kV UHV products, hengbian has formulated the special system for quality management of 1000kV UHV products and the 1000kV product quality control plan, which strictly manages various factors affecting the products, such as quality assurance system, technical standards, staff quality, production environment, etc., and forms a set of self strengthening product inspection methods and review procedures to ensure that the product production is carried out in an orderly manner under complete control

quality management also includes 6S management. Zhong Yanmin believes that each workshop establishes a special 6S management organization, formulates special 6S management standards, conducts regular inspection and improvement, can make the most stable and large use of the production area, reduce the international influence of the plastic extruder industry, continue to increase invalid turnover, improve labor efficiency, standardize the behavior habits of employees, and ensure product quality in all aspects

hengbian also carried out technical inspections, quality competitions and other activities in the workshop to ensure that the products passed the test at one time. In the first half of 2008, a total of 172 110kV and above products were tested by Heng transformer, including 47 110kV transformers, all of which passed the first test; There are 60 220kV transformers, only 4 of which are unqualified, and the secondary test is qualified after sorting out the leads and insulation; There are 33 transformers of 500kV and above, only one of which is unqualified; There are 32 reactors in total, all of which pass the one-time test

walking on two legs

Heng Bian attaches great importance to the development of domestic and foreign markets on the basis of both technology and quality. Zhong Yanmin believes that hengbian should adhere to systematic marketing and obtain high-end and high-quality markets; We should carry out marketing work in an all-round way and implement marketing in a purposeful, step-by-step and strategic way

under the guidance of this concept, in the first half of 2008, the Heng transformer signed a total of 59 500kV and above transformers, 91 220kV transformers and 48 reactors, with a value of 2.298 billion yuan

in the domestic market, Hengli has begun to adjust the proportion of power supply and electricity market, paying attention to the development of power supply market. This year, hengbian also set up a special power department, which is mainly responsible for the development of major power markets. In the first half of the year, the sales company signed a 961million yuan power supply project, accounting for 36% of the power market

this is also in line with the current situation that there are more short-term contracts and less long-term contracts. After the third phase of technological transformation, its production capacity will expand sharply, and the demand for forward contracts will increase significantly. Therefore, increasing the signing of long-term contracts for major power sources, especially the development of hydropower and thermal power, should become the focus of the current domestic market development

at the same time, its internationalization speed is also accelerating. At present, offices have been established in Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and other places, and exports from other countries have been carried out by leading countries radiating surrounding countries

although the international business of hengbian is still mainly single machine contracts, there is no complete set of projects. However, hengbian has not slowed down its pace of internationalization. While adhering to the path of "single machine first, complete set later", it is constantly strengthening the construction of international teams and the training of international talents. At the same time, it actively promotes internationalization within the company, aiming to fully infiltrate the work of internationalization into the production and operation of the company. In this way, we have steadily increased the development of the international market, and finally achieved the perfect "walking on two legs"

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