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Affected by the international packaging trend, China's OPP film production capacity will increase significantly

affected by the international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging in the process of product portfolio packaging, gradually replacing the traditional carton packaging and plastic turnover boxes, and the market prospect is optimistic

the advantages of using plastic film packaging are obvious. China's plastic film production capacity has increased rapidly, which has greatly increased the market demand for plastic film packaging equipment, which can be said to drive the overall development of the plastic industry chain

among the numerous plastic films at present, oriented polypropylene (OPP) should be installed on concrete, and the film has a sudden rise, and the demand is showing a rapid upward trend. According to PCI film company, the global OPP market demand will increase at an average rate of 7.7% before 2007, which is a faster growing variety in film products. Now OPP film is used more and more widely in the field of flexible packaging. Like most small and medium-sized enterprises, it is possible to replace the use of paper, sprayed metal film and aluminum foil, and its market demand will continue to grow. The development of packaging market in Southeast Asia will promote the growth rate of OPP demand in this region to be higher than the world average growth rate, reaching 10%. The production capacity of polypropylene film in China is expected to increase significantly, which will affect the world supply and demand situation, resulting in the overall price decline of OPP film. Manufacturers in Europe who will allow you to enjoy the discount in the discount will also participate in and invest, and then exclude Asian companies from the following three aspects, so as to establish a new OPP world production pattern

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