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Aesthetic value and design application of fractal art graphics content abstract: fractal art graphics is an important form of fractal art, which is realized through fractal geometry language. The elements in fractal geometry language are not directly visible. They are visual graphics that can be obtained by numerical calculation according to certain algorithms and rules. At the same time, the iterativeness of fractal graphics also determines that it is infinite in depth and breadth. This new type of art graphics has its own unique fractal modeling characteristics. This paper discusses the aesthetic value of fractal art graphics and its application in modern art design

key words: fractal image iterative self similarity

first, the basic concept of fractal

the objective world we live in is composed of various "shapes" with different shapes, sizes and colors. Compared with the study of regular Euclidean geometry, they present an irregular or bizarre state, and the connotation of fractal provides a new method to describe the order and structure in this irregular and complex graphic phenomenon

fractal graph is characterized by the coupling of computer logic language and artistic modeling form. It is an "irregular" graph that can neither be described by classical geometric methods nor represented by traditional drawing methods. It has the irregularity of form, the fineness of structure, the self similarity of local and whole, the non integer of dimension, the iteration of generation and so on. However, fractal images have rich and varied differences in the degree of self similarity

second, the aesthetic value of fractal art graphics

fractal art is a visual art form that is based on nonlinear scientific principles, generates some graphics or animation with aesthetic interest and scientific connotation through computer numerical calculation, and demonstrates, plays and exhibits to the audience in a specific way. Fractal art graphics is one of the most important forms of fractal art, which is realized through mathematical modeling and programming language

fractal art graphics contain certain logical meanings and have harmonious color and beautiful formal rules, such as balance and symmetry, harmony and unity, uniqueness and change, etc. But more is the new visual effect beyond these traditional graphics, such as: 1 The balance of fractal image is a kind of dynamic balance, which is the balance of mutual restriction between various parts of the picture in the process of change; 2. The harmony of fractal image is a kind of mathematical harmony. The change of every shape and the transition of every color are a kind of natural flow; 3. The symmetry of fractal image is the symmetry between the part of the picture and the part of the wider range, or the symmetry between the part and the whole; 4. The change of fractal image is the rich transformation of bifurcation, winding and irregular edges, giving people a natural feeling. In the traditional sense, the fatigue life of foreign automobile safety coil spring can reach more than 50000. Although it has a long history and a wide range of applications, it is difficult to achieve the innovation of modern design art only by pursuing classic principles and methods. Graphic design that can stimulate the visual interest of the audience and inspire wisdom while realizing the transmission of visual information undoubtedly needs to emphasize the research on the aesthetic value and application of fractal art graphics

from the perspective of fractal structure: 1 Fractal theory advocates order in chaos and richness in unity. As Gombrich said, "aesthetic pleasure comes from the appreciation of a certain pattern between boring and messy. Monotonous patterns are difficult to attract people's attention, and too complex patterns will overload our perceptual system and stop viewing it." Although the structure of fractal graphics is complex, it is miscellaneous but not chaotic. It has internal order and self similar structure, that is, the symmetry and unity of local and overall. This symmetry discards the rigid feeling brought by the symmetry of Euclidean geometry. The whole picture looks for momentum from the balance, and has universal correspondence and constraints at a deep level. 2. Fractal graphics contain infinite nested structure. The nesting of this structure brings great richness to the picture, as if it contains infinite creativity, so that the viewer cannot easily see all the connotations inside. As the French Impressionist master Renoir said, "art can't be seen at a glance. It will always jump out of many particles and cause a lot of dust". Many great works of art have such characteristics. For example, the Louvre, the observer can see some pleasing details from any distance. When approaching or away, its structure presents a changing visual beauty

The intricate, changeable, gorgeous and expressive fractal graphics not only arouse the magical creativity of the scientific world, but also make people feel the magical appeal of the art world. Science depends on analysis, art relies on intuition, and the beautiful fractal graph itself is the perfect integration of scientific rationality and artistic feeling, and the unity of mathematics and art. The reason why fractal graphics can give people a great artistic shock is that it is harmonious and unified with the mathematical connotation of nature and human aesthetic needs

Third, the design and application of fractal graphics

fractal art first attracted public attention in 1985, when the article on Mandelbrot set published in Scientific American had an impact. The famous Lucas film company has done a lot of pioneering work in creating distinctive landscapes by using fractal methods. For example, fractal visual effects are used in the films "Jedi's reincarnation" and "star Journey II: Khan's anger"; The fractal "mountain shape" made by Richard Voss on the computer has been applied by IBM in its advertising design; In the United States, postcards, calendars and New Year cards designed by using fractal images have become common. T-shirts and their decorations of young people have also become a broad space for the application of fractal images. In China, at the "International Fiber Art Exhibition" held at the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University in 2000, some exhibits (printed scarves) were made by fractal method; Now there are fractal IC cards, fractal playing cards, fractal decorative book covers, etc

fractal art graphics, as a new visual communication design means, needs to be further developed and expanded its application scope. At present, the application form of fractal graphics can be expanded from the following aspects: 1 Fractal art graphics are directly used as a kind of art graphics to make decorative paintings; 2. Use fractal graphics as a decorative pattern on packaging materials and cards; 3. The realization of textile pattern design and printing and dyeing process by using fractal image; 4. According to the infinite amplification and undiminished accuracy of fractal graphics, high-precision fractal graphics can be applied to architectural decoration design; 5. The infinite self similarity and fineness of fractal graphics are difficult to obtain by scanning and copying the original, which can also be used in modern information encryption and anti-counterfeiting technology


fractal graphic art belongs to the school of mathematical formulas in computer-aided design, which is different from the pop School of creating on the screen through tools such as brush hand drawing or mouse plus scanner. The school of mathematical formulas consciously uses mathematical formulas for modeling, color and composition design. Like painters, they can get artistic "inspiration", feel the physical relationship, spatial depth, color warmth and coldness, and can use the internal structure of mathematical formulas and their color relationship to show or warm, cheerful, or solemn, etc. Fractal graphics obtained by numerical calculation according to certain algorithms and rules will go beyond the habitual thinking of human brain to a certain extent. Works tend to be unexpected with randomness and contingency, refreshing, with strong visual impact and aesthetic sense of the times, injecting more vitality and interest into people's lives

■ Wang Jiamin, Guo Yani

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