After four years of secondary entrepreneurship, Ch

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After four years of "secondary entrepreneurship", the strategic transformation of SINOTRUK achieved results

after four years of "secondary entrepreneurship", the strategic transformation of SINOTRUK achieved results

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in the first five months of this year, sinotruk achieved a sales revenue of 27.1 billion yuan, an increase of 13.26% year-on-year; The total profit was 702million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 161.52%

I believe everyone still has fresh memories of the rapid progress of the truck market in 2010. However, in 2011, the market was in a comprehensive state of depression, and the sales of many manufacturers fell sharply. After experiencing prosperity, China's truck market has entered a period of deep adjustment

in the face of the new situation and new environment, the leadership of SINOTRUK launched "Second Entrepreneurship" to deal with it. Up to now, it has been more than four years since China National Heavy Duty Truck (HTC) proposed the strategic transformation of "Second Entrepreneurship" at the 2010 business conference. Has the transformation been successful

promote layer by layer

"no longer blindly pursue the growth of quantity, but pursue tangible development achievements, and fundamentally safeguard the interests of the staff and workers." Ma Chunji, chairman of SINOTRUK group, especially the rapid growth of domestic capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate, pointed out the core strategic idea of "secondary entrepreneurship"

focusing on this goal, sinotruk first worked on the "improvement of quality and efficiency", and then, on this basis, this year, it put forward the idea of brand strategy, layer by layer, so that the understanding of the development idea of "from scale, quantity and speed to brand, quality and efficiency" of SINOTRUK group has reached unprecedented unity

after the ideological change, it should be put into action, and it must be fully dry in all work, which has been reflected in the results. Especially in the past two years, the positive impact of China's heavy truck product quality improvement on the market is playing a role. In this month, the claim amount of heavy truck single vehicle decreased by 16.5%, especially the claim amount of gas vehicle single vehicle decreased by 38%, and the positive market reaction after the quality improvement was further manifested

in the process of hanging the operator back to its original position and visiting the market, Ma Chunji also heard praise from the market and users for the improvement of the quality of China National Heavy Duty Truck products. "I recently went to another Shanghai market to conduct research. For the first time, I heard customers give us a good evaluation of product quality face-to-face. As long as we adhere to the quality, our enterprise will have great hope." This also strengthened the confidence of SINOTRUK to continue to follow the path of quality improvement

with the accumulation of excellent product quality, the implementation of brand strategy is natural

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