After 2003, the market of architectural coatings c

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After 2003, the construction coating market will continue to expand

after 2003, the construction coating market will continue to expand

February 9, 2004

in the next few years, driven by the Olympic project, the Shanghai WorldExpo and the western development, the construction industry will continue to rise

temperature, and the related coating market will also maintain a high growth rate. It is reported that China's paint production in 2003 is expected to reach 2.2 million tons, with an increase rate of about 10%. The general development trend of the market is: total supply exceeds demand, medium and low-grade

products are surplus, some high-end products are in short supply, demand shows a multi-level and diversified development trend, and the proportion of special paint has further increased

broad market space

it is reported that at present, China's paint production ranks third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan, but the per capita annual consumption is much lower than that of industrialized countries. Among them, the average annual consumption of Americans is 22kg, the world average is 4000

grams, while China is only 2kg, so the market development space is very huge

According to relevant data, the paint sold in the construction and decoration industry alone in China last year has reached 400billion yuan, and the market demand is increasing at a rate of 25% per year. By 2005, the annual output of architectural coatings in China will reach 1.8 million tons, and the application rate of architectural coatings for exterior wall decoration will reach 35%; By 2015, the annual output of Jinan gold testing machine performance index tensile testing machine, which can measure a series of strength and plasticity indexes of materials, will reach 3million tons, and the application rate of exterior wall decoration will reach more than 60%. However, nowadays, the application rate of architectural coatings in exterior wall decoration in China is less than 10%, while in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the use of advanced coatings for exterior wall decoration has accounted for 90%

however, in the case of optimistic market prospects, we cannot help but see that at present, there is almost no domestic coating market in the domestic high-quality coating market. First of all, few domestic paint enterprises can make a name for themselves. During the advertising war of Nippon, ICI and other foreign brands, some domestic coating enterprises did not pay attention to the use of advertising and publicity

media to communicate with consumers. Instead, they were drinking paint, painting fish tanks, and painting models in downtown areas. Secondly, there is a certain gap in product quality compared with foreign countries. Although some products can reach the international equivalent level, the domestic products do not pay attention to the outer packaging, and the single variety, color and other aspects also lead to the unsatisfactory development of products

which coatings have promising prospects

from the development of the coating industry last year, high-performance coatings with high weather resistance, high stain resistance and high color retention are usually judged from the following three points, and low VOC ring

type preservation and low toxicity will be the focus of development. For example, water emulsion exterior wall coatings (such as polyurethane, tree

lipids, silicon propylene, pure propylene, etc.), cross-linked acrylic acid series high elastic emulsion paint, silicone acrylic resin exterior wall coatings (including steel structures), organic technology is also constantly upgrading fluororesin weather resistant coatings, etc. However, coatings with excessive VOC content, toxic lead chromium series

antirust pigments and free isocyanate monomers that seriously exceed the standard will be limited in the market; In the low-grade building coating

materials, polyvinyl alcohol sodium silicate interior wall coating 106, polyvinyl formal coating 107, starch coating, cellulose modified starch coating and other products will be further eliminated

it is reported that architectural coatings are directly related to human health and living environment. From the perspective of development trend, architectural coatings

will develop in the direction of environmental protection and low toxicity. Among them, the development focus of exterior wall coatings is to meet the needs of exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings, which is a water emulsion coating with high weather resistance, high stain resistance, high color retention and low toxicity. The key point of interior wall coating development is to adapt to health, environmental protection and safety green coatings, including water-based coating series, green environmental protection and antibacterial interior wall emulsion paint. Waterproof coatings will develop towards water-based, elastic, acid and alkali resistance, sound insulation, sealing and cracking resistance, such as silicone rubber waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, water-based PVC waterproof coating, VAE waterproof coating, chlorine

butyl asphalt waterproof coating, etc; Among the functional coatings, thermal insulation coatings, sunscreen coatings, anti mosquito and fly coatings, mold proof

bactericidal coatings and sound insulation coatings will develop rapidly

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