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Africa and Latin America have increased demand for China's light industrial products and electromechanical products

Africa and Latin America have increased demand for China's light industrial products and electromechanical products, and China's equipment and technology generally adapt to their economic structure and technical level. Compared with the products of developed countries, Chinese investment is more suitable for local conditions

made in China is famous for its labor-intensive and low price. With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, made in China is gradually changing and reappearing with a new look of technology integration

since this year, the trained personnel have been able to effectively master the technology of equipment adjustment and troubleshooting. When visiting various countries, China's top leaders have vigorously promoted the new made in China with high-tech content. Premier Li Keqiang's trip to Europe in June not only continued to promote China's high-speed rail and nuclear power as before, but also helped the two sides make breakthroughs in port cooperation

from labor-intensive to technology integration

for a long time, shoes and socks, clothes and hats, toys and other low value-added products made in China, which are familiar in the international market, are mostly produced in labor-intensive industries. In recent years, Washington State University (WSU) announced the latest research results developed by its researchers. China's economy is gradually growing, and high-tech made in China has sprung up

experts pointed out that the low-cost advantage of China's labor force cannot be maintained for a long time. Only by improving the ability of independent innovation, changing from labor advantage to labor technology advantage, promoting key technology innovation and system integration, and realizing technological leapfrog development, can we improve the development level and competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry

although the technical level of Chinese products lags behind that of Europe and the United States on the whole, it is not backward in some parts, and even in the leading position. For example, household appliances, high-speed rail and photovoltaic industries, the photovoltaic industry holds the most intellectual property rights in the world. Bai Ming, deputy director of the international market research department of the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, told this newspaper that the advantages of technology integration made in China are economies of scale, long-term technology accumulation, huge domestic market, relatively complete industrial system and industrial agglomeration. Although the technology cannot compare with developed countries and the labor cost cannot compare with Southeast Asian countries, China has the overall advantage of technology intensive and labor-intensive

as for the advantages of China's high-speed rail, the world bank reported that the construction cost of China's high-speed rail is about 2/3 of that of other countries, while the ticket price is only 1/4 to 1/5 of that of other countries. According to insiders, China's high-speed rail technology has been quite good, management has also accumulated considerable experience, and there is also an international demand for China's high-speed rail

equipment and technology go to sea to promote a win-win situation

in the early stage of reform and opening up, China gained its own development opportunities more by participating in the international division of labor. Today, China's economic strength and technical strength are not what they used to be. Equipment and technology go to sea is a good thing for mutual benefit and win-win for China and all countries in the world. Bai Ming pointed out that the export of China's equipment and technology to other countries is conducive to the development of the local economy. The breakpoint in the international industrial division led by Europe and the United States after the financial crisis has given China a relatively fair starting point. Now, China is also creating opportunities for countries around the world

Africa, Latin America and other places have an increasing demand for China's light industrial products and electromechanical products, and China's equipment and technology generally adapt to their economic structure and technical level. Compared with products from developed countries, Chinese investment is more suitable, "Ma Zhanfeng, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, told first finance and economics that the local situation

while China exports equipment, technology and investment, it is also conducive to the industrial structure adjustment of the domestic economy and accelerate the digestion of domestic excess capacity. Zhujianfang, chief economist of CITIC Securities, believes that China's steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, shipbuilding and other industries have certain technology, equipment and scale advantages in the world, which can actively promote the overseas transfer of advantageous enterprises. From the experience of developed countries and the actual situation of China's industries, the textile, footwear, automobile and machinery industries in the traditional surplus industries, as well as emerging industries such as wind power equipment, polysilicon, photovoltaic solar cells, have strong overseas transfer possibilities

there is a great demand in the made in China market

more and more technology integrated made in China are very attractive in the market and are welcomed by developed countries, emerging markets and developing countries. According to the analysis of the relevant report, after years of industrial development and technological progress, the capacity and production quality of made in China have great advantages, and have reached a high level in the manufacturing of some highly precise parts. The fact that cars cannot get stable and accurate indication, ships and other products with high technical content and added value have become a new export growth force is a clear proof

it is reported that during his visit to China last year, British Prime Minister Cameron twice welcomed Chinese enterprises' investment in high-speed rail projects in the UK and looked forward to taking China's high-speed rail

in March this year, Heyu, chairman of China General Nuclear Corporation, and puglio, President of Electricite de France, signed an industrial cooperation agreement on new nuclear power projects in the UK and a cooperation agreement on R & D, design, procurement, operation and maintenance in the field of nuclear energy in Paris. This move opens a new mode of nuclear power cooperation between China and France, and is the first time to jointly develop nuclear power projects in a third country

African and Latin American countries have stronger demand for China's technology, capital and products. Bai Ming said that the economic development of Africa is relatively stable, and the economies of Latin American countries are basically stable after the previous downturn. These countries have backward infrastructure and need China's technology, capital and equipment. It is reported that CNR has established a South African company and plans to build a production base in Durban, South Africa, to provide conditions for expanding the South African Railway Equipment Market and operation

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