After five years of inactivity, Jiangyin yongfengy

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After being idle for five years, Jiangyin Yongfeng Yu is finally moving.

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core tip: [China Packaging News] Taiwan Yongfeng Yu Jiangyin factory, which has been idle for five years after its shutdown and relocation, is finally going to completely retreat from the stage of history! Jiangyin yongfengyu is owned by Taiwan yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd.

[China Packaging News] Taiwan Yongfeng yujiangyin factory, which has been idle for five years after shutdown and relocation, is finally going to completely withdraw from the stage of history

Jiangyin yongfengyu is a joint venture signed by Taiwan yongfengyu Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Jiangyin Chengjiang Town Industrial Corporation in June 1993. It is yongfengyu's second investment project in the mainland, with a total investment of US $30million, mainly in the production of Coated Whiteboard. Due to development needs, the enterprise has been relocated since July 2013, completely stopped production, and has been idle. "

in order to accelerate the relocation of industrial enterprises in Jiangyin urban area, promote the adjustment of economic structure, and optimize the layout of urban industries, Jiangyin City Center signed a relocation agreement with Chengjiang street and Jiangyin yongfengyu Paper Co., Ltd. on August 31, 2018

the signing of the relocation agreement has steadily promoted the land collection and storage work in Jiangyin City, provided a solid land guarantee for promoting the transformation and upgrading of urban construction, and further strengthened the excellent 4 of land market resources The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, which improves the value of state-owned land assets

as a graphene industry R & D demonstration base block (plot 72), Yongfeng leeway is located in the east of Tongdu Road, the south of huangtang Road, the west of Tongjiang road and the north of piling road. It covers an area of 302.7 mu. It is located in the riverside area that Jiangyin City is focusing on development and construction. It is adjacent to Yunhe Park, the key project of 1310 project. It has a unique hydrophilic advantage and is suitable for building high-quality residential projects

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