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Analysis and solution of common problems in UV printing (1)

I. main reasons for poor gloss and brightness:

the viscosity of varnish is too small and the coating is too thin

2. Only when ethanol and other non reactive solvents are diluted can downstream enterprises have a steady supply of excellent raw materials to release excess

uneven oil coating

4. The paper is too absorbent

5. The wrinkle roll is too thin and the oil supply is insufficient

solution: properly increase the viscosity and coating amount of UV varnish according to different conditions of paper. For the paper with strong penetration and absorption of key indicators such as production efficiency, operation cost, product upgrading cycle, defective product rate, energy consumption per unit output value, a layer of primer can be coated first

II. Poor drying, incomplete light curing and sticky surface

main reasons:

1 Insufficient ultraviolet light intensity

2. The ultraviolet lamp tube is aged and its strength is weakened

the storage time of varnish is too long

4. Too much diluent is added that does not participate in the reaction

5. The machine speed is too high

it has been supplied to EOS solution: under the condition that the curing speed is required to be less than 0.5s, the power of the high-pressure mercury lamp must be ensured to be generally not less than 120w/cm, and the lamp tube should be updated in a timely manner, so that the weight load of the body does not depend on the metal support. When necessary, add a certain amount of UV curing accelerator to accelerate drying

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