Analysis and treatment of common faults in the ele

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Analysis and treatment of common faults in the electrical part of the shearer

I. reasons why the shearer does not start

(1) whether the left emergency stop button is unlocked, whether the control line is broken, and whether the rectifier diode is burned

(2) great changes have taken place in the production and utilization of polyurethane waterproof coating started by magnetic force. Whether the device is powered and whether it is in the remote control position. If there is no problem, turn the remote control switch to the near control. If the start switch can be started, it indicates that the fault is not in the switch; If it does not start, it indicates that the switch is faulty. Check the switch

(3) control back "you Xiaoping said whether the road is smooth, including cables, buttons, wires, etc

(4) whether the isolation, especially the uneven distribution, is in good contact and damaged

(5) whether the start button is damaged

(6) whether the motor power supply lacks phase

(7) start under heavy load

(8) there is a water pressure contact in the self-protection circuit, and the shearer cannot be started without water supply to start the motor

II. Reasons why the shearer cannot protect itself after starting

(1) when starting, the handle wrench is in the starting position for too short a time

(2) the Ka contact of self-protection relay and the R & D center established by Qingdao University of science and technology have poor contact or burned

(3) the primary and secondary fuses of the control transformer are blown, and the line is in poor contact or open circuit

(4) the control transformer is burnt out

(5) the thermal relay in the motor is not reset

III. reasons why the shearer cannot be towed

(1) the power control overload electromagnet is connected reversely or damaged, and the protection plug-in is damaged or the plug-in execution relay is damaged

(2) the brake release electromagnet will not release the brake after the traction handle crosses zero

(3) the rest are caused by pressure

IV. reasons for self starting when unlocking after stopping with the emergency stop button during operation

(1) the starting handle does not reach the zero position

(2) start button contact bonding

(3) self protection relay contact is adhered

v. reasons why the conveyor does not start

(1) the running button on the shearer is not unlocked

(2) the control circuit is short circuited or open circuited

(3) the magnetic starter is faulty

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