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Dear consumers:

as a national brand, Yuxiu soft clothing has been committed to providing elegant, luxurious and fashionable fabric products for home and commercial decoration with the mission of "inheriting the quintessence of embroidery and promoting embroidery culture"

nowadays, with the continuous improvement of our Yuxiu brand's popularity and reputation, the headquarters has received frequent reactions from consumers. In some regions, there are illegal phenomena of other fake and inferior products selling fake Yuxiu products. This kind of bad behavior of "selling dog meat by hanging sheep's head" has seriously affected the reputation and economic losses of our Yuxiu brand and consumers

since December 12, 2018, Yuxiu has officially launched a special rectification activity of "cracking down on counterfeiting, purifying stores and safeguarding rights and interests". The "cracking down on counterfeiting" Committee of Yuxiu soft clothing, in collaboration with local industrial and commercial departments, has uniformly arranged market supervisors from the headquarters to carry out market inspections nationwide

Royal show, resolutely say no to fakes.

Royal Show headquarters solemnly promises:

once you find fake sales, you will never tolerate them

consumers are welcome to complain and report.

if you find that the surrounding Yuxiu exclusive stores sell fake and inferior products, fake Yuxiu products

welcome to call 400-026-1998 to report

once verified, there must be a big prize

Yuxiu's family made a joint commitment: severely crack down on the bad behavior of "selling dog meat with sheep's head", ensure the purity of their own stores, and safeguard the vital interests of consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of Yuxiu brand





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